This horrific Penn State scandal has taken a sharp left turn and I wish everyone would re-focus on the real issue at hand.

Allegations of years of sexual abuse by Sandusky is the criminal conduct. The focus of our discussions should be the plight of the victims and as much as is possible how can we prevent future similar events. The manor of Paterno’s firing while controversial is truly a second tier story.
The story is who knew what was happening, how long did they know and what did they do about it. We also need to be mindful that this is a grand jury indictment not a criminal conviction. This is only the government’s side of a story and the people mentioned have not had their day to defend themselves in court.
Now all that said if these allegations are true and it was covered up those involved deserve all that can be heaped upon them. This isn’t players selling game jerseys or gambling, this is the sexual assault of children. This is the most horrific of crimes …period. That needs to be in the forefront of your mind everytime you listen to it talked about on television or radio and even more importantly when you discuss it with your friends.
Penn State’s reputation, Joe Paterno’s legacy, college football and every other tangential story places a distant second to the shattered lives of men who were just innocent boys who had their childhoods stolen from them.

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  1. SHERRI says:


  2. Jeff says:

    Agree with you Ed. All these students and Penn State alumni care about is having their football coach back coaching 1 more game or the end of the year and it makes me sick. They can justify it anyway they want, but for those of us watching, it was clear that they were just concerned about their football program and Joe Pa, the victims obviously came second last night. It’s called perspective and it appears that those students don’t have any. What should matter more, a wealthy 84 year old man being let go or multiple kids having what happened to them and having to live with that the rest of their lives because of the inaction by people in charge who could have done something.

  3. Jeff says:

    And a part of me has to believe that these kids who some are now young adults must be watching what all of this has become and feel somewhat responsible. And they shouldn’t at all. They should be welcomed with open arms and made to feel compfortable. They did nothing wrong. But you can’t tell me they didn’t see those riots last night over “Joe Pa” and feel like there is more outrage over that than what happened to them. It really is a sad day.

  4. Bill says:

    I would ask that those who riot at the loss of Joe Pa to finish the season, to read the Grand Jury testimony (if you can). In very graphic terms, it depicts a nightmare world that was going on, while so many looked the other way.

  5. Jolene says:

    We are living in hell. That is all I have to say.

  6. fedupwithitall says:

    HEY you should know all about GOOD GUY gone BAD right crook NORRIS..You was a BLACK EYE on all of Marylander’s and we will never forget and we can’t understand why they still give you media time when they should run you out of town.

    1. Lisa says:

      You obviously don’t know the true story of how Ed Norris was railroaded. If Ed Norris could run for office, I would vote him into office in a heartbeat!

      1. Tony says:

        Lisa, I completely agree with all of you! Once again, you have someone ‘fedupwithitall’ who tries to deviate from the topic at hand to make their unintelligent political statement. Without a doubt, Ed was railroaded and not many people have a clue how that man was railroaded as a scapegoat. I have the utmost confidence that he would succeed as a leader in our government, just as he did with Baltimore City! But Ed brought out a point to this story that so many people didnt see due to the smoke in mirrors! Let us focus on the most important parts of this story, not the BS. fedupwithitall…please revisit 8th grade and study a grammar book before you display your lack of intelligence to the entire world!

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