BALTIMORE (WJZ)– In Maryland, there are ceremonies to pay tribute to all our men and woman who are serving and have served.

Monique Griego has more.

Hundreds of people gathered at War Memorial Plaza on Friday morning to honor our veterans. But the ceremony brought mixed emotions for some.

It’s a time to pay tribute to those who’ve served.

“My son was a hero. He was a leader,” said Janice Chance.

Chance’s son, Captain Jesse Melton, was killed in Afghanistan in 2008. She honored him by taking part in Baltimore’s Veteran’s Day ceremony.

“It was a bitter-sweet kind of moment. I would love my son to still be here, but he’s not,” Chance said.

The ceremony brought together hundreds of people at the downtown war memorial.

“It’s good seeing people show support, show their pride being a veteran, support the veterans,” veteran Timothy Morgan said.

Morgan, an Iraq War vet, was proud to be surrounded by so many people who’ve served, and those who hope to one day.

“I like to see the younger generation also interested in serving,”  said Fleet Thomas, a veteran.

And while all the veterans no doubt appreciated the support, many wish they saw it more than once a year.

“It’s about time the world recognize us veterans that went and did something for our county,” Thomas said.

As the mayor laid down a wreathe in honor of those who’ve died, people paid their respects. It was their chance to do what Chance does for her son everyday.

“I’m thankful for all the veterans everyday, all those men and women who put their life on the line daily to preserve our freedoms,” she said.

Many people told us this Veterans Day is even more special because so many troops will be coming home from Iraq for the holidays.

Friday’s ceremony honored all branches of the military.

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  1. R says:

    WHO in the city planned this? The article says the parade starts at 10 a.m. It was over before then. RUSH HOUR and the streets were closed without any notification! The City really dropped the ball on this!!!

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  4. marinaeco says:

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    Подходит работник сервиса и без слов (кивком) интересуется “Чё?”, муж: “Да жопа ваще…” и показывает пальцем на какую-то штучку.
    Работник сервиса склонился и смотрит.
    Из противоположного конца зала, другой работник сервиса, прокуренным голосом интересуется у первого: “Чё там?”.
    Этот ему в ответ: “Ну тут такая же х..йня, как и та фигня *кивок в сторону другой машины*, только тут ваще п..здец.”.
    С того конца зала ему отвечают: “А-а-а-а… Ну, это тогда всю эту поеб..нь целиком менять нахуй…”.
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