BALTIMORE (WJZ)—One man journeys across the world to find a cure for his cancer. 

Mary Bubala reports, it turns out the cure is as rare as the cancer. 

Doctors thought it was asthma. But for 30-year-old Christopher Lyles, the diagnosis turned out to be much worse.

Doctors told him he had a rare form of cancer in his trachea. The tumor was inoperable and chemo and radiation didn’t help much.

So Lyles– a Morgan State and Hopkins alum– used his network of friends, colleagues and family to search out the one and only doctor who could cure him.

“I leave for Sweden tomorrow,” Lyles said.

A well-known doctor in Sweden, using cutting edge technology will craft a new trachea for Lyles –using his own stem cells.

“I won’t be the first one to have trachea transplant,” Lyles said. “But this type of methodology, I will be the first person in the world to have this.”

But insurance companies won’t cover the $ 450,000 price of the surgery and hospital costs. So Lyles and his family are raising funds to help pay for the surgery. And he wants to go further, helping bring the stem cell technique to the United States.

“I want to bring awareness to adenoid cystic carcinoma,” he said. “I want to bring awareness to stem cell research, stem cell transplant, so we can do this here in the states.”

Lyles will be in Sweden for a month recovering after the surgery next week. If you’d like to donate to an organization that raises funds for people facing transplants, click here.

Comments (10)
  1. moleman says:

    He needs to check out Sloan Kettering in N.Y.C. & M.D.Anderson of Houston Tx. Sloan saved my life when Johns Hopkins said no.

  2. E. G. (Chris's sister) says:

    That is wonderful that Sloan Kettering saved your life. You should always get more than on opinion when you are diagnosed with cancer. But in my brother’s case, ACC – Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma is a very rare cancer. His tumor was too large to perform a resection (which is the only procedure they provide in this country). M.D. Anderson, Hopkins, Harvard (where the resection procedure was invented), Univ. of MD Hospital and even Sloan Kettering told us they could not help him. He needed a complete tracheal transplant, which is not done here. So Christopher will be the trail blazer for all of us and one day allow any American to have this procedure done in the US and it be covered by their health insurance.

    1. Karla Brown says:

      God Bless!

  3. Kristi says:

    Thank you Christopher for being brave enough to leave your home and country and go to Sweden for this procedure that hopefully will make you well and give many other people hope in the future. I hope the procedure will not be too hard on you and you will get the results you are hoping for. Never give up!

  4. Zahra says:

    ًWhat is the name of this Doctor and what is his research in this feild

  5. Zahra says:

    ًWhat is the name of this Doctor and what is his research in this field????

  6. andrea dingle says:

    You are so in our prayers chris

  7. Gregory Wilson says:

    God bless you and my prayers are with you. My name is Greg Wilson from Blair, have family there. I’m in San Deigo, CA getting a surgery that’s offered here. Not as far for me. You do what you got to do to get what you got to get, because like me God is not finished with us yet

  8. Eriq says:

    My prayer go’s to you Chris, my name is ERIQ (african American ) in Amsterdam Europe.
    I have a brother who went true the same ,here in Amsterdam .and he doing well , so God is with You ,he has not let you come this far and leave u !
    So if need any info or support just let us know okay .

  9. Cancer horoscope love says:

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