BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The newest transit line in Baltimore is expected to carry 57,000 people a day on a path from near Security Mall to Bayview Hospital. As Mike Schuh reports, a broad coalition is trying to make sure local people get jobs along the way.

Saying this is a march and not a protest, a coalition of churches, neighborhood groups and unions are 200 strong. They’re walking a quarter of the distance the completed red line will run, a 14-mile path from Woodlawn to Bayview.

“Man needs a job to feed his family; woman needs a job to feed her family. If we don’t do it, it’s not gonna get done,” said Rev. Hoffman Brown.

He says local jobs are what they need.

As the red line will run down these streets and underground through downtown Baltimore with nearly $2 billion of state money, the marchers want 50 percent to stay locally to train the red line’s neighbors to work on the construction or on the line itself.

“Doesn’t make sense that you’ll build a multi-billion dollar project in the city but not hire people from the city,” Brown said.

Grassroots groups, though, need friends in the smooth marble halls of Congress. To get this built their way, they have a powerful friend.

“I think we do [have an obligation to hire locally]. It’s hard. They see people coming in from outside of their neighborhoods and take all the jobs and they’re sitting on the sidelines with no jobs,” said Congressman Elijah Cummings.

They already have a commitment for the training money but they feel the hardest thing to get will be a commitment for jobs for those who live along the red line.

While construction could begin in 2015, the line isn’t expected to carry its first passengers until 2021.

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  1. PAUL E. MICELLI says:

    57,000 people/day using this system. . .start in 2021. . .what Crystal Ball did this appear in?

  2. Herman Glimsher says:


    1. stationnorth says:


      You are right. You won’t be surprised in 2021 because, like you say, I plan on moving away from Bloodimore way before 2021. I foolishly purchased a home four years ago and as soon as I can sell I am out of here.

  3. MD DAD says:

    Just think…if you wait until 2015 you might (and might is the operative word here), finally find or get a job.

  4. Brad says:

    If you think crime in Baltimore County is bad now just wait til a new Light Rail line dumps more of Baltimore’s “lovely citizens” off at Security Mall. After all, it worked wonders for Owings Mills mall. Oh, that’s right, they’re getting ready to tear that down, aren’t they.

  5. amandy says:

    The one in Owings MIlls there is no walk way to get to the mall at all. To get there you need a bus or a cab from the subway. Why there is no one at that mall anymore we are the ones that are ordering online then going to the malls. Only time I order anything online if I can not find it in stores here. I was looking for a battery for my laptop befor I order online I went to BestBuy they do not have the battery for it. Alot of business are hurting by us buy order online then going to them to look or find something. Ordering online is good but only if you can not find it in stores. Where I work at I see alot of thing getting returns because they are damage or the wrong item is sent by the company. I will do my best to keep my money here by going to the stores & less risk by not ordering online if my items from getting damage or lost by shipping. If my item is damage from the store it is some what easy to return them to the store then by shipping it back to the online store. For the city should do what Boston did take down the old building & rebuild new buildings. Most of the building in the city need a major upgrade.

  6. Sharon says:

    Moleman, you are a racist because you think all black people live below the poverty level, are uneducated and carry guns.

    1. Mike Calo says:

      Yeah. We know for a fact – thank you, Michael Vick, for proving my point – that they don’t need to be below the poverty level to commit crimes.

      1. willie joe says:

        Mike, Amen, why can’t people see that they have a skewered DNA. They are criminals.

      2. Mike Moron says:

        Yea only the black rich commit crimes. Thanks for the Neanderthal logic.

    2. moleman says:

      Sharon, I never said all black people. I defend my position that the “Too many black low class welfare bunnies? which are way too many in Baltimore & other cities I have no time for. These people consciously select to take handouts & become lifelong dependent on government. They have no spirit & live in a cycle thay perpetuates illegitimacy with children & stiffles self.

    3. FYI says:

      Hey, hon, MOLEman is a troll. he go by sheriff, Willie joe and GM, as well. He gets paid to draw you into an argument, thus returning to the website often. JZ gets paid every time you “hit” their website. Just thought I’d let you know, If you ignore him, he goes away.

      1. FYI takes a typing course says:

        (sorry for the typo, he *goes* by the other names, not ” go”…. sounded like I was from Baltimore there for a sec!)

      2. willie joe says:

        FYI, You’re a effin fool. I get paid by nobody other than the money I earn on investments & my commissions. This whole WJZ thing about being paid for trolling is B.S. As a concerned citizen &I suspect you are too, you would want to curtail the handouts that perpetuate the black povery cycle & criminal activity. No go F….k yourself if you disagree.

      3. Troll-o-matic says:

        WOW! at least if you got paid, you would have an excuse for spending so much time commenting in a forum where no one cares what you say, now you just seem pathetic and sad. you’re life is clearly empty.

  7. willie joe says:

    The only jobs this light rail will bring are B.J. on the cars & platforms.

    1. shut up willie joe says:

      and you will be the one giving them

      1. willie joe says:

        No, You ugly nigga mama & sista will be pulling the train.

  8. moleman says:

    Troll-o-matic, Chuckle, for someone who could care less what I say & others, you sure made a point to tell me. Just ignore me azzwipe if you don’t agree.

  9. Joe Momma says:

    Hmmm from Woodlawn to Gayview……mind as well call it the SOOOUUUL Train…..

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