HANOVER, Md. (WJZ)– Two victims are shot late Friday night outside Arundel Mills mall. Now, the suspected gunman is also dead after a shootout with police.

Weijia Jiang has the very latest.

Police say that after the brazen and deadly shooting at the mall, the suspect was apparently ready to kill again. This time law enforcers were able to block him.

A wild shootout stuns a District Heights neighborhood Saturday morning.

“I was awakened by gun shots,” said a neighbor.

Just after 8 a.m., police surround the home of 22-year-old James Coleman, who they say confronted officers with a shotgun and an AK-47-style assault rifle, striking one officer in the upper body and face.

“He just started letting off round after round on the AK, and he hit one of the cops on the head,” a witness explained.

“Our officer is conscious. He’s undergoing tests at a local hospital,and we believe injuries are non-life-threatening,” a spokeswoman for the Anne Arundel County Police Department said.

Police fired back and shot Coleman to death.

Detectives tracked him down as the suspected trigger man in another shooting at Arundel Mills mall just before midnight. They say Coleman shot and killed 30-year-old Chonsay Green of Capitol Heights and 25-year-old Jeneen Dunn of Greenbelt, then fled in an SUV. It happened right outside the Dave & Buster’s restaurant.

“When the officers responded they located the victims both in the parking lot lying next to cars,” said Lt. Francis Tewey of the Anne Arundel County Police Department.

At the time of the shooting the mall was closed. But Dave & Buster’s and the movie theater next to it were open. Witnesses say the area was packed.

“They had everybody blocked in, weren’t letting anybody around the area where the shooting was,” William Koss said.

Several of Koss’ friends and family members work at Dave & Buster’s.

“You gotta worry about whether they’re safe or not walking from the car to the mall,” Koss said. “And it’s just not right.”

Police believe Coleman knew his victims, though they have not revealed a motive.

Security had been patrolling the mall throughout the day Saturday. Also, the general manager of Arundel Mills mall issued a statement to say that their thoughts and prayers are with the families linked to this tragedy.

The Prince George’s County officer involved in the shootout is expected to fully recover from his injuries.

Comments (51)
  1. PO PO PO says:

    The mall may have the shortest life span of any in the area

    1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

      PoPo what do Owings Mills, Security, MondominLaurel & now on its way, Towsontowne center all have in common?.

  2. Krazy Bill says:

    There is always trouble at this mall but it is kept from the public. This area never had any form of public transportation in the past but our esteemed Democratic government saw fit to make sure that the low lifes from Cherry Hill and Meade Village are bussed in on a regular basis now. Wait untill the casino opens. Between O’Malley, Busch, Miller and the Cordish brothers getting their way over the casino mess more violent crimes will be committed there as the retail stores are forced out due to lack of parking.

    1. Common Sense says:

      Did the report say that the killers hopped on the bus and fled? You are an idiot point blank.

      1. Krazy Bill says:

        Go ahead and let your family shop there, Common Sense. Mine will take their business elsewhere. You sound Luke an ignorant liberal.

    2. Tony Ross says:

      It never seizes to amaze me that no matter when something happens ppl blame it on City residents. I guess nobody read the article and noticed that the victims and the assailant were from the suburbs of DC and Annapolis.

      1. Nomoremrniceguy says:

        Amen Tony, Some idiots are quick to start their ignorant racist hatred get a life

      2. Willie joe says:

        Hey Tony, Doesn’t matter where the assailants are from, as they are always 99.9% BLACK.

      3. robertryan says:

        Tony, SEIZES you, …ceases u effin moron.

    3. Julia says:

      I live in Cherry Hill and I dont go around shooting people. I also own a vehicle, as do many other residents here. What exactly does a shooting at Arundel Mills have to do with Cherry Hill? Idiot.

      1. Moleman says:

        Julia, Are you dumb or just lying? Cherry Hill, land of the black thugs. You are either ducking the bullets or pulling the trigger N***G’R.

  3. PO PO PO says:

    There are nolonger shoppers just a mob of loiterers. Once BPS leaves the mall will close

  4. ListenUp! says:

    Sadly, the crime and lack of parking at this mall continue to drive a perception that it is just not a “warm and fuzzy” place to be.

  5. Sezmane says:

    Correct crazy Bill

  6. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    idiots who voted for gambling & crooked politicans & developers, are you satisfied now that this s…..t hole Arundel Mills is going down hill faster than a rolling turd. We all knew the elements that these large venues coupled with booze, gambling and lot of Moolies with nothing but time on their hands will do. Do I dare say the perps were A.A. & it was drug related or a romancing of the wrong person.

  7. Well Hello says:

    @ Common Sense, there always has to be one sarcastic person that is’nt intelligent enough to make a real comment showing concern for the actual topic. But instead insults others grammar and punctuation, you my friend are that jack ass. As for the actual event, the location definately gets a mixed population, people as far as Virginia can be found visiting, so we can’t necessarily blame it on a specific community. Arundel Mills mall definately needs to come up with a plan of action to prevent episodes like this from continually occurring once the casino arrives.

  8. Darthy says:

    Pretty sure I won’t be shopping at that mall anytime soon even though I was planning to for Black Friday. There aren’t many safe places left anymore and it’s a real shame that we have to constantly look over our shoulders to make sure we don’t become a victim like these poor people did. Society is going to hell because people make excuses for this kind of behavior and are too afraid to face facts.

    1. Meeeee says:

      Just remember to park at bass pro shops… Birds of a feather flock together.. If not, at least most of us will have weapons in our trucks to deter any broke azz losers who can’t work to make money. There’s something about rednecks and protection that go hand in hand.


    here you have it again,the police can’t be with everybody.But I’ll let you hear it again,GUN CONTROL IS FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE CRIMINALS.iF YOU DON’T WANT TO PROTECT YOURSELF,THEN DON’T REQUIRE OTHERS TO NOT BE ABLE TO DEFEND THEMSELVES.You want to hundle in cowardice,then do so,we won’t stop you.As a matter of fact put a sign on your front lawn that say’s I DON’T OWN A GUN,AND THE POLICE ARE MY PROTECTION,I DIAL 911.See who gets robbed first,you or the neighbor that has a NRA sticker on his window.I go to each state around us,and I have and out of state permit (conceal carry) been checked by the police and never had any trouble,they were actually very comfortable.They never gave me any bad time,they even told me in one state and area to stay out of.PENNSYLVANIA,DELAWARE,VIRGINIA,and WEST VIRGINIA all allow a recprical recognize each others permits.The question is why not MD?If you were a criminal in one of those states around us,where would you ply your chosen trade?With treasure chest’s like TOWSONTOWNE,WHITE MARSH,COLUMBIA,SEVERNA PARK,ARUNDEL MILLS ect.ect.OOOP’s forgot the throne of them all DOWNTOWN BALTIMORE.

  10. Ef WillieJoe says:

    All of you are getting ahead of yourselves.So your going to stop shopping at the malljust because two people were shot and killed? You don’t know what happened,how this all started,or the relationship between the victims and the offender.All of those factors make a difference.What are you people going to do when the casinos are here.And the thugs are coming from Jersey,and New York and Philly,etc.What will you do then? Pack your bags sell your house and move? This is why thugs are soo powerful,because dumd cowardly citizens like all of you give up that power to them.

    1. HA HA HA says:

      This is why thugs are soo powerful,because dumd cowardly citizens like all of you give up that power to them. Wrong they are out there because of the dems. that run this state

      1. willie says:

        Ha Ha ha, Then you go out & stop them yourself you azz.

    2. jtrappy says:

      I totally agree with you, what if it was a lovers quarrel gone incredibly out of hand (not unheard of). There is absolutely no reason to immediatly blame busses, casino’s, city residents, rural residents, short staffed police shifts or lazy mall cops….. one act of violence is not a trend and for the record it is indeed the first homicides on mall property.

  11. Meg says:

    The Dems that run this state? I’m pretty sure the Casino thing is not a really Democratic idea. Its the surprising amount of morons that voted for this stupid mall in the first place and the casino which will make it worse. Everyone thought it would bring in more money than it has. Nobody considers the fact that crime is making it more difficult for us residents in the surrounding communities that have been here for 20+ years to even feel safe anymore. And carrying a gun is not the answer. Getting uppity and pulling out a gun, particularly when its not needed, is just another way for more accidental deaths to happen. People are so gung ho and silly sometimes. I say we just go ahead and bull doze the mall. Put back the woods and wetlands they demolished for the big waste of space.

    1. PO PO PO says:


    2. commonsense711 says:

      Um Meg…..the casinos were not approved until your hero marty omalley was elected governor

      1. T says:

        Um commonsense711… the people of Anne Arundel County VOTED FOR the casino.

  12. Sezmane says:

    hopefully its the correct person they got

  13. john says:

    As Bealfeld would say bad guys with guns!!

  14. sean says:

    It was only a matter of time before this was to happen, sadly. The mall is too big and way understaffed with their security services. The strong armed robberies that are going on during the day time in the parking lots that aren’t getting reported to the news, the huge gang problem the mall has developed, it’s going to be the demise of the area. Before we know it, it will be a gigantic version of Security Square Mall. O’Malley backed the casino’s and next will be providing security with the state police on the tax payer dollar.

  15. lighty says:

    These people are pathetic.

  16. Puleeze says:

    Criminals are criminals because they ignore the law and cannot function appropriately and socially as citizens. Why are they unable to function? Because their parents didn’t parent them during their formidable years or just left them for the streets to bring them up. I agree with the others that the liberals must stop blaming society for their ills of life and stop demanding that government provide entitlements without earning them. It is a real small minority who absolutely cannot function in society due to physical and mental handicaps that we should provide for, not the ones who chose the course of crime, and of freeloading and gaming of the system.

  17. Brian Wells says:

    What about Isreali, Italian, and Russian crime? One of you ingnorant, racist, heartless, scary people should get from in front of the PC screen and realize criminals are all races. Your true character is reflected in your comments, and you can not expect to live in peace with your devilish, hateful mentality. If you are ignorant enough to blame a crime epidimic on one reace of people, then you are apart of the problem.

    1. thatguy123 says:

      um…Israel’s murder rate is 2.1 per 100,000 far behind the U.S. figure of 4.8 per 100,000…and the violent crime rate in Italy is 0.013 per 1,000 making it MUCH MUCH safer than the U.S.

      your argument holds no water….have fun at Arundel mills!!

    2. moleman says:

      Brian Wells, Hey azzhole, Walk doe the street with your wife, mother or G/F in Roland park or Guilford, Ruxton. You will be safe & even get smiles & a wave. Try that is an all black community & you will be beaten, robbed & your women violated. Blacks can walk in Roland park & nothing will happen. Blacks not all but the low class thugs are the ones & There are way too many in Balto.

  18. Sick of it! says:

    The black underclass are poison to every community they get access to. Loud, rude, menacing, loitering, ignornant, disruptive, oboxious, and of course violent! The violence and danger to the public at large is the real business destroyer. Once you chase away the higher class affluent whites–the business is gone. I truly hope poilitcal correctness is cast way aside by this ultra-liberal democratic led government and some real profiling will now be conducted at Maryland’s popular business and tourist attractions. Look at what happened at the Inner Harbor July 4th–black underclass violence! They bring it everywhere!!!

  19. Sharon says:

    Poverty, drug addiction and violence comes in all races. Some of your comments are as stupid as you are.

  20. SECURITY says:


  21. jtrappy says:

    Just spent the hour reading the comments and laughing. Thanks guys for the hilarious anecdotes and bigotry, most of you are probably the problem of the area. Seriously grow up and act like the adults I assume you aren’t.

  22. nomoremrniceguy says:

    Willie Joe and a lot of others on here just show that racism is alive, why don’t you get a life and stop with the stupid ass, idiotic, dumb and did I say Idiotic comments, stop with all the hatred…. for gods sake…. if not just keep it to yourselves no one cares to hear about your bigot views and comments.

  23. Dboe says:

    I cant believe how someone can say so much racist shyt and everbody still stays on topic. Do u think we need to close all the schools in America for the fear that some crazy ass white kid in a trench coat is going to kill everybody there. Should we stop watching baseball becaus some freaked out white man took a shower with a little boy. Was that a black guy who fired shots at the white house? Who flew the plane into the FBI building? Read ur history and you will find that the word thug and the behavior associated with it came about through the behavior and actions of a cracker. Ask the Indians who the real thugs R. U ignorant, devil worshiping, bagel & rice cake eating, bungy cord jumping, child pornagraphy loving, pigmentation lacking, mother and son romance having, pill swallowing, glue snorting, docker slacks wearing, nose picking, buck hunting, cucuber breath having, wet dog smelling, dry joke telling, kid drowning,suicide commiting, new desease having, cold cave living , dry scalp having,sun tan wanting,bland food eating azz. I could go on but this black man has to work tomorrow. So in the mean time stay ur saltine cracker ass in the cross walk. Cuzz ima run u over.

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