There’s plenty of blame to go around.

The easy culprit is David Reed–2 fumbles, dumb penalty.  However, the Seahawks only scored 6 points off his turnovers, so they survived his blunders. Billy Cundiff for missing 2 field goals.  They were 50 yards plus, and on one of them was a bad snap, so I don’t pin this on him.  The defense. Even though they did a good job on sudden change, they didn’t get much pressure on Jackson, they didn’t create turnovers, and they didn’t get off the field on the last drive.  Joe Flacco, who was fairly erratic.

All that said, I’m going Cam Cameron. The gameplan makes no sense. How in the world can you give Ray Rice the ball only 5 times, and have Flacco throw it 52 times?  It defies logic.  Fill in your own adjective, but the bottom line is that it was unacceptable.  The score did not dictate that the Ravens abandon the run, so there just is not a reasonable explanation why this team has just decided to forego running the football.

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  1. Sezmane says:

    Leon says wasnt my fault the recievers did not cytch the ball!!!

  2. fred says:

    hey steve sometimes people refuse to accept reality and continue to dwell in a fantasy world of false hopes, wishful dreams, and in this case a team with a weak qb. There is no way that a qb especially the raven’s joe- lackco should be gun slinging any football around an nfl field over 50 times unless he was on a couch playing madden on his xbox. We will never i repeat never have a qb such as the one i watched on monday night unless we get rid of those clowns running and leading the offense. We need players that can think fast on the fly be a leader on the field and call a play without having to check with daddy on the sidelines. Our offense is as fun to watch as the clean up crew of an elephant parade. my blind grandmother could have called a better game and she’s been dead over ten years. Just face it if and i do mean if we make the playoff season it will not be a home game and will lose in the first round. Ray and Ed should call it quits and not come back next season for the same old foolishness. Any man can get knocked down and get back up, but it takes a real man to accept the fact that he is not a true leader of men and need to step aside and let a true leader take charge.

  3. Terry says:

    Harbaugh set the tone by disrespecting Seattle when he attempted a field goal from about the 50, in the first quarter. He gave Seattle possession half way down the field, when the kicker missed. He needs to go take footballl 101 over again.

    1. eric says:

      100% agree,that set the tone for the game,that was a huge mistake

    2. BRWils says:

      I thought going for the first down was the right call there, but, the line of scrimmage was the 33 and the ball spotted at the 40. How about just dealing with the facts, instead of “embellishing” just to make yourself feel smarter.

  4. Last time on your Site says:

    Don’t quit your day job. Your writing is weak, this isn’t even good enough to be called a blog post. You guys need a sportswriter not a former TV guy doing the work of a professional. Sorry, but you need to know the truth.

  5. Rick says:

    12 carries for an average of 6.3 per carry? Why are you not running the football? The answer is this game was meaningless to this team. Next up Cincy and then the 49ers on a short week.

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