I thought Bob Costas did a masterful job questioning Jerry Sandusky last night. His questions were fair and pointed and I came away even more disturbed than I was just reading about it.I have no idea why a defense attorney would have his client appear on national TV while he is under indictment for such serious crimes.

The most telling thing to me is the answer he gave to Costas’ question regarding his attraction to young boys. Costas directly asked him if he (Sandusky) was sexually attracted to young boys and Sandusky responded by repeating the question before giving a rambling answer about 17 seconds long when he finally ended his answer by saying”no” he wasn’t.

My experience interrogation suspects automatically kicked in. I remember questioning people about crimes from burglary to murder and when they answered my questions by repeating my question they were most often lying. I can’t say with certainty that Sandusky lied to Costas but it sure brought back memories of those how had lied to me after being asked direct questions that required simply a yes or a no.

Everyone in America is entitled to a presumption of innocence (even Sandusky) so I’ll just ask you to listen to the interview yourself and come to your own conclusions.

(some graphic descriptions in the interview. The question referenced is asked at 7:14)

  1. AnnSD says:

    Without consulting with online observers, I watched and thought the EXACT same thing about Sandusky’s response. It was a classic way to answer a question that a person will probably lie about. Also, it appears that Sandusky was caught off guard with that question, even though it is an interview regarding Sandusky’s indictment as a sexual predator – perhaps Sandusky was thrown off by the directness of the question. One more thought, Sandusky probably doesn’t consider himself a pedophile; however, Costas does some creative journalism by basically asking him the same question by using a different definition of the term pedophile. Costas himself said in an interview this morning that he would let the viewer perceive Sandusky’s long response however they see fit.

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