By Mike Schuh

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Two corridors driven by millions of people in Maryland are named as some of the country’s most unreliable.

As Mike Schuh reports, the new study further confirms how bad our region’s traffic really is.

The trip on the Beltway is going fine. Suddenly it’s a sea of red lights.

“I think traffic around here is horrible,” said Kevin Leary, interstate motorist.

Nearest to Baltimore, I-695 seems to be the worst, and a new study confirms that.

This study is not talking about the predictable kinds of delays, like during rush hour. Rather this study talks about the kind that at unusual times brings the Beltway to a complete stop.

“And it doesn’t matter what time I come. I can be completely stopped or moving right along. There is no consistency to that, so I don’t understand it,” said Anissa Beatty, motorist.

In Frederick, I-70 is so slowed by construction it’s the 11th worst in the country. And the top and west side of our Beltway is ranked 92nd nationwide.

“And it’s all day long you have these traffic jams going through Towson or in Frederick, and it’s 24-7 in D.C.,” Leary said.

D.C. is worse. The morning outer loop by Route 1 is the third slowest in the country. And the inner loop around New Hampshire is the 27th worst.

The state chaffs at these types of comparisons, saying:

“Today’s TTI-INRIX study offers very little…”

“On I-695, SHA has several major bridge projects.”

“I-70 will go back to normal in 2013 when the I-70 widening project is done.”

Want some perspective? Motorist Byron Olson recently moved from Northern Virginia.

“And that congestion is far worse than anything I’ve ever seen in around here… Oh my God, it’s horrible,” Olson said.

The state says the delays caused by construction will result in safer, stronger roads once completed.

Comments (5)
  1. Too much Too many says:

    No! All wrong! What you’re seeing is the result of the explosion in the Earth’s human population! No matter how wide, straight, or smooth you make the roadway, the ever increase in human population will completely negate all the improvements. Simply stated, there are simpley too many of us humans on planet Earth.

    1. KamiKasi says:

      You echo my sentiments exactly. But nobody else seems to see that it sill become increasingly impossible to sustain this sort of growth and maintain the same level of comfort.

  2. christopher simmons says:

    no i believe it is many drivers try to drive in the left lane or slow to look at an accident. if we would just move over and NOT drive in the PASSING lanes and slow down , be more patient and let other drivers in i am sure things would flow a lot smoothly. after all speeding only saves you about 14 seconds off of your trip so slow down, save gas and we all can get around much better. yeah in my dreams i know.

  3. Wheres common sense when you need it says:

    The reason is our wonderful government in Annapolis continues to steal the tax money ment for maintaining and improving our infrustructure and uses it to fund projects that help themselves get rich, whether it is personally or politically. Lets look at the inter county connector. Great for getting re-elected because it is popular idea, but will be a failure because of the tolls. Why should motorist pay to use a road that they have already paid for with their tax money? The way our politicians think and the way the people of this country are so EASILY manipulated into the politicians “spin” on things will be the death to our country. Tax money for everything but what tax money is to be used for!

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