BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Police say a teen was abducted at gunpoint and assaulted in Woodlawn, just steps away from a high school.

Meghan McCorkell has more on the investigation.

That 15-year-old girl gave a detailed description of her attackers. Now police need the public’s help to put them behind bars.

The victim says she was walking along Woodlawn Drive around 3 p.m. Nov. 1, near the library and Woodlawn High School. She says four men in a teal sedan forced her into the car at gunpoint. Two wore ski masks.

She says they covered her eyes and drove her to an unknown location. She says one man sexually assaulted her. He wore a diamond-studded grill over his teeth.

Then they drove her back. The teen says she was dropped off at the corner of Woodlawn and Kriel, right across the street from Woodlawn Memorial Park. She walked to the police station for help.

People who live in the area are on edge.

“I feel scared now because it could happen to anybody,” said Woodlawn High student Chris Thomas.

“It’s a busy area right here. It’s crazy that something like that would go on here,” said Woodlawn High student Derrick Henson.

“You expect it to be safe but I guess that’s how the cookie crumbles,” said Woodlawn High student Michael Johnson.

Baltimore County Police say the victim gave detailed descriptions of the car and the two suspects who weren’t wearing masks.

“Any kind of incident like this is extremely frightening and we are very interested in finding these four suspects,” said Elise Armacost, Baltimore County Police.

Now investigators need leads on these men before they strike again.

Baltimore County Police say they waited two weeks to release details of the assault as detectives followed up on leads.

Investigators are asking anyone with information to call Baltimore County Police right away.

Comments (7)
  1. Jaki says:

    Excuse me, but nowhere in this report did they give the race of either suspect. You are just displaying how racists you are by calling one of them a white prick…….they are both pricks regardless of their race so stop pulling that card. When they are caught, they will both be tried & put in jail. Get off your high horse & leave the racist comments out of it.

    1. Just is says:

      Thanks for submitting the only sane and decent comment so far.

    2. peter o neil says:

      Jaki, Excuse yourself moron. West Balto & Woodlawn, 99% black area. The stupid girl like so many young black stupid girls looking for attention flirt with these thugs & bam, thjey are being raped & violated. The area in question & the description are black as a well diggers azz standing on a corner in Harlem N.Y. @ midnight. You fool. There was no white, hispanic maybe but they are first cousins to the chimps.

  2. GM says:

    I think its funny in that there iseems to be 1 white and 1 black. Cant use race in this one but people will try anyhow.

  3. eddiefast says:

    Check out their dic’s, if it’s small, they’re white. A big bazooka they are moolies.

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