Steve Davis: Taking Down Paterno’s Statue

There’s a report floating around that Penn State will take down Joe Paterno’s statue.  The report says it’s for security purposes.  I’m not sure if I like that reason.  Are vandals that much of an issue in State College? If so, I would assume the statue already would have been hit.

That said, if, and this is a big if, Joe Paterno knew about Sandusky’s alleged child abuse not only in 2002, but if he knew about the investigation in 1998, and that’s why Sandusky retired in 1999, and if he turned a blind eye to a school cover-up, then I believe the school should be taking his school, his name off of buildings, etc. Essentially, they should disown Paterno.

Why?  Paterno is 84.  I don’t know how much longer he has left on this earth, but, if this all proves to be true and Paterno was aware of Sandusky’s child sexual abuse, then the school can’t be honoring Paterno on its campus, not with new students coming in every year.  It will serve as a terrible reminder to an unforgivable tragedy.

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  • Daniel DiMarcella

    Well that is a horrible piece of reporting… “reporters” and I use that term loosely, like you have provided NO evidence that Paterno knew anything….NOTHING. But you poorly throw out accusations and “ifs” like they should burn a theory into our minds. Very poorly written. How about you defend Paterno…and say, “you know what Board of have not supplied on piece of evidence condemning Paterno….But he is found guilty of Public opinion because of poor reporters like you…SHAME..

  • Smoked turkey

    Steve–You’re right. Something doesn’t pass the smell test on this. We don’t know the half of what went on, but I think that we’re about to find out.

    • Nate

      Great. Let’s take down the statue because something doesn’t pass the “smell test.” That’s a good reason.

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