BALTIMORE (WJZ)– A local broadcasting legend is fighting cancer. We now know more about his future on the radio.

Kai Jackson has Ron Smith’s latest announcement and how Baltimore is taking the news.

Smith has decided not to continue with his chemotherapy treatment. His listeners may be surprised, but say they respect his wishes.

Clear and commanding describes the voice of longtime WBAL-Radio host Ron Smith.

While his commentary is political and often controversial, Smith is now fighting a different battle. In October, he announced he has Stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

“I was diagnosed on Friday with pancreatic cancer Stage 4 metastasized,” Ron Smith said. “Inoperable but treatable.”

The pancreas is a digestive organ. Doctors say pancreatic cancer can be difficult to overcome.

And Thursday, Smith told listeners he won’t continue with chemotherapy treatment.

“So the idea of some miracle with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer, well, there isn’t going to be any miracle,” Smith said. “And this is a decision that was reached and agreed upon among everyone concerned.”

“I wish for the best and pray for the best,” listener Yoland Frommelt said. “And it’d be in everybody’s prayers.”

Smith is a broadcasting icon. For 38 years, he’s appeared on radio and television. He’s also written commentary for “The Baltimore Sun.”

“There is no way of predicting how long I’m going to be functioning,” Smith said. “So, we’re sort of playing it by ear from this time forward. I’ll be on the air as I can, and as long as I can. And I guess that about covers it.”

Smith tells his listeners he will be on the air as much as he can with the understanding that there will be days when he’s simply not able to do it.

Smith says he’s been overwhelmed by the get well wishes he’s received since making the announcement.

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  1. moleman says:

    Good luck Ron & prayers for a happy eternity. You’re a well read man & offer interesting opinions on many subjects. If you make it to spring 2012 that will be wonderful. Enjoy your family & close loved ones in these precious few months.

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