Baltimore New Year’s Eve Celebration In Question

BALTIMORE (AP) — Officials with Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts officials say they don’t have the funds to produce the annual Inner Harbor fireworks display due to a lack of donations.

Bill Gilmore, executive director of the nonprofit, tells The Daily Record of Baltimore that the group needs $75,000 to $100,000 to “blow the doors off” with pyrotechnics, but they’ve only raised $27,500. Officials say the event draws 100,000 people to the harbor and could have a $6.9 million economic impact.

Ports America Chesapeake has underwritten the New Year’s Eve and Fourth of July fireworks displays for the past three years, but now only subsidizes the summer show. Gilmore says it has been hard to find other sponsors in a rough economy, but he’s confident more donations will come through.

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  • holly

    All of the business’ in the inner harbor should be only too happy to donate since they profit the most from the 100,000 people that gather there to celebrate and watch the fireworks. They should consider how much money they will loose if there are no fireworks. The surronding business’, restaurants in Little Italy and hotels should also donate for they too will loose money w/o this celebration of lights.

  • peter o neil

    The event if cancelled would be no big deal to me as it does zilch for my business & personal life. All that gathers @ the inner harbor are a bunch of low class black thugs like the ones making trouble on the 4th of July where guns & a stabbing took place. This filth has taken over the city & I for one say let them have it. I don’t live here anymore. This is also a liberal only site by WJZ13 & any dissenters are called racial or have their posts removed if they speak the truth. Sad sad day in this city & country because we have a group of black savages committing 99% of the crime.

  • baltimore resident

    ask the state for money they have it for every other useless project

  • Mary Mc

    My family and I were at the Inner Harbor on the 4th of July, never again. The area was loaded with loud, obscene, obnoxious, profane, etc. black thugs (both male and female) whose only intent was to intimidate. They made very lewd remarks to me and my daughter, so we’ll never go there again even when we have out of town visitors.

  • eddiefast

    Baltimore, Home to large black thugs who are as ignorant as their baby Momma’s & delinquent irresponsible Fathers that breed them. Educate these porch monkeys or eradicate them. Then we can have peace & family fun at the inner harbor on holidays.

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