What a game by Tim Tebow on Thursday night. Maybe I should say what a drive by Tebow with 6 minutes left to go. Experts keep saying he has the IT factor, and maybe he does, but I don’t think he can continue his winning ways. I really hope I am wrong, because I am a Tebow fan, but his throwing motion and inability to complete passes on a consistent basis has to catch up with him. As a quarterback he can’t consistently play bad for 3 quarters and expect to come back in the 4th quarter. Denver has games coming up against San Diego, Chicago, Minnesota, New England, Buffalo and K.C. Those teams are a combined 27-27 including Minnesota who is 2-7 on the season. I’m hoping for success, but I just don’t see it. All Praise Tebow…

  1. J-Co says:

    perhaps Tebow could be the first of QB closers – similar to baseball, you need a guy to start the game for you, and then another one to finish the job. Clearly, he’s a closer. Perhaps if they had allowed Orton to start – that will really throw defenses off.
    I’m not a Tebow fan, but perhaps these past few weeks are like his “preseason” where he needs to get more reps/work before he can get comfortable. Also, doesn’t help his cause that the Broncos traded away their best WR in Lloyd just as Tebow was announced the starter (unless there was some bad chemistry there).
    But in any event, Denver has not had a solid QB for any 2-year stretch since Elway. So you’d have to think that the problem could be the system, not the player.

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