Okay, I’m certainly paranoid. The Baltimore Ravens are coming off of a horrible loss to the Seattle Seahawks last Sunday and I’m starting to feel a little doubt. Yes, I said doubt.

I doubt what they’re really made of. I doubt if there isn’t some murmuring going on with the players over what’s taking place as well. I doubt that there’s absolutely not finger pointing. There has to be some. There is bo way you can give your best offensive player the football for 5 carries and not have finger pointing.

The Cincinnati Bengals roll into town Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium and I’m a little concerned. In fact, I’m more than concerned. The Bengals are the second best team in the NFL against the run and it doesn’t get much better with the 10th rank team against the pass. That’s pretty stout. The Bengals will be without Leon Hall and that should help. He has been known to give Joe Flacco the blues.

The Bengals start a rookie quarterback in Andy Dalton but his completion percentage and quarterback rating is higher than Flacco’s.

The absence of Ray Lewis could be critical if no one else steps up and assumes leadership. Lewis knows the opposing team’s plays before they run it sometimes and I’m not sure if anyone else can replace him in that category. Did I tell you I was a little concerned?

Bengals 23   Ravens 20

Rob Long


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