Corn Syrup Leaks Into Inner Harbor From Feed Plant

BALTIMORE (AP) — Baltimore officials say about 1,000 gallons of corn syrup has leaked from a storage tank, sending hundreds of gallons of the sticky material into the Inner Harbor.

The leak was discovered Friday night at Westway Feed Products in South Baltimore. Fire officials initially reported the location as the Domino Sugar factory nearby.

Firefighters set up blockades to try to keep the syrup from reaching storm drains. But about 300 gallons still flowed into the drains and into the harbor. A private contractor has been called in to clean up the mess.

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  • Frank Coffee

    That should sweeten up the sewer everyone calls “The Inner Harbor” .

  • fraught

    Be interesting to know how much it’ll cost to clean up some sugar off of some dirt and water.

  • Jack Kol

    What is the big deal with corn syrup in the harbor? We fished in that area when I was a kid using yellow corn for bait. The fish loved it. I hope the EPA or even worse PETa don,t hear of this.

  • Savage RIp

    MoleMan Shut The F@ck up. I bet you wont say that in our face.

  • the truth

    Savage Rip, Yeah, just like you Niggas give your real identity when murdering & robbing/raping. POS.

  • William Harrington

    So now we will have the activists complainig about the obese fish and they will want a law prohibiting the company from feeding the fis this fattening food.

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