BALTIMORE (AP) — A man convicted of fatally stabbing a Johns Hopkins researcher during a robbery has appealed his conviction.

John Wagner was convicted in August of stabbing Stephen Pitcairn, 23, to death. Pitcairn was walking home from Penn Station, talking on a cell phone to his mother when he was killed in July 2010.

Wagner has insisted he had no part in the killing and that the true killer is still at large. The Baltimore Sun reports Wagner filed documents last week with the Maryland Court of Special Appeals to contest his conviction.

Wagner was sentenced last month to life in prison.

Lavelva Merritt, Wagner’s former girlfriend, has pleaded guilty to related robbery charges in exchange for her testimony against Wagner. She was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Information from: The Baltimore Sun,

(Copyright 2011 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

Comments (9)
  1. tomtom says:

    omalley will get him off in exchange for his vote.

  2. Ba Lee Dat says:

    White peole are more violent. He was framed by the man.

    1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

      You crazy blind or both.

    2. GM says:

      HA HA HA! Thats the most ignorant thing I have heard yet.

  3. moleman says:

    Hope he get’s shanked in the joint & saves the state some $$$.

  4. Inmy Opinion says:

    Of course he wants to appeal. He is hoping that the next jury will be the “no snitch, don’t convict” jury that is prevalent in Baltimore. The sad part will be that the appeal will be at taxpayer’s expense.

  5. George Harman says:

    Now they are blocking my facebook post in order to supress the truth about their actions with PRESS+. DO NOT TRUST THE BALTIMORE SUN THEY LIE AND STEAL AND CENSOR THE TRUTH! The Baltimore Sun using Press+ has taken thousands of dollars from it’s readers who subscribed to the trial memberships and then cancelled. they said a computer glitch converted cancelled trial memberships into full subscriptions. They held the money for several days and made interst off the money and then said they would refund the money. I have yet to get a refund. If you subscribed to the trial membership and cancelled check your bank account or credit card used to make the purchase and you will see that I am telling the truth. I have emails to prove it from PRESS+, the organization used to handle their digital subscriptions. They said it wasn’t stealing, I guess if take moeny from your home and then return it a week later I guess I didn’t steal it. I am sure that would hold up in court. What a low class organization the Baltimroe Sun is stealing money from it’s loyal readers. Please spread this story accross the internet and new media sites. The Baltimroe Sun will steal money from you. BEWARE and do not sign up for a trial membership as they will steal your money.

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