BALTIMORE (WJZ) — With Thanksgiving just a few days away, there’s a lot of menu planning this weekend.

Adam May reports more people are skipping traditional supermarkets and seeking fresh, locally grown food.

Thanksgiving shopping means big business at the Baltimore Farmers’ Market.

“Our most profitable of the year,” said Sean Fritzges, Zaradka Farms.

And the busiest day, too.

“It’s kinda like the Super Bowl of the farmers’ market for us,” said Brett Rhodes, Zeke’s Coffee.

Turkeys, of course, are very popular. Albright Farms sells hundreds.

“The turkeys you buy in a store can be 40 days old and the frozen can be a year old. Nothing wrong with either of those but the flavor is different when you buy a turkey processed days ago,” said Tom Albright.

One buyer says the taste is awesome.

“I think people still think you have to go to the grocery store for a processed turkey when here, it’s so much better. It’s worth it,” said shopper Carol Jacobs.

As always, the fixings are what many people love about the holiday. Buyers snatched up sweet potatoes, white potatoes and everything you need for stuffing.

“The weather in November has been very mild, so less frost,” Fritzges said. “So produce is really fresh this year.”

Local coffee company Zeke’s roasted extra beans.

“Everyone needs to stay fueled in the holiday season, especially after a ton of turkey,” Rhodes said.

To fight that tryptophan and gear up for seconds.

The Farmers’ Market is every Sunday under the JFX.

  1. yousefthe giant says:

    Farmers markets are a great place to make drug deals & scop out victims to rob.

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