It’s amazing that in today’s complex, high tech, over complicated NFL where scheme is supreme and copycats are hiding at every corner… The simple formula of balance is still the winning one. However it happened, why “THEY” decided to commit to the run, we may never know. What we do know? Running the ball with a lead or from behind is still the way to win in the NFL and its the way to win for the Baltimore Ravens.

31-24 Sunday at M&T helps position them atop the AFC north and puts some much needed positive vibrations back at the Castle. 4th quarter defense could have been a bit tighter, no question, but a win is a win. Jermaine Gresham did have a TD in the 4th, we all know that. It was the correct call from the officials just a bad league rule. That said, we’ll take it. The biggest play in that game went the Ravens way and boy does it feel good. Not to say the win washes away all problems, but for a few short days it’s a win. Off to Turkey day brother bowl Thursday night … Ravens (7-3) vs. 49ers (9-1) …

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  1. Tom says:

    Really, did you watch the game? The running attack was horrible with the exception of 2 runs. Our last 2 drives using the running game almost cost us the game. We had a 3 and out all run plays and then we had a run that went no where and a pass for a first down. Then 3 straight runs and out.

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