By Mike Hellgren

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Our area and Maryland’s D.C. suburbs are about to be connected like never before when a multi-billion dollar new toll road, the Intercounty Connector, opens Tuesday.

Mike Hellgren reports on the impact to Baltimore.

This road is historic: it’s the first all-electronic toll road in the state. But it’s also expensive.

There’s no stopping to pay the toll—just roll underneath the electric eyes on the ICC and the state charges your E-ZPass.

The east-west tollway connects I-95 with I-270. The last section opens Tuesday. You enter just south of the Howard County line.

It follows decades of headaches and fighting.

State leaders believe the ICC will be a critical bridge between development in Montgomery County and Baltimore.

“This highway is really going to open up the Baltimore region to the D.C. region,” said Beverley K. Swaim-Staley, Secretary of the Maryland Department of Transportation.

“You won’t have to slow down at all. You can use the E-ZPass system, which is used all up and down the East Coast,” said U.S. Deputy Transportation Secretary John Porcari.

But there were boos at the ribbon cutting by some who feel it’s too expensive and are upset that at least one politician used the event to push for a gas tax increase.

“Tolls are being raised across the state and the tunnels in Baltimore, partly to pay for the ICC,” said protester Greg Smith. “Now they’re going to have the nerve to come back and ask for a gas tax increase in Annapolis and all they’ve done is put us in a death spiral.”

It will cut the travel time from Gaithersburg to BWI in half—but not without a price. It’s $4 to travel the length during peak times, $3.20 off-peak and $1.60 overnight. It’s more if you don’t have E-ZPass, because they’ll have to mail you the bill.

It opens at 6 a.m. Tuesday and you can drive the ICC for free until Dec. 4. The MTA is also providing bus service down the ICC corridor.

Comments (10)
  1. moleman says:

    A real POS pushed by Ehrlich admin. A road going nowhere only to serve those that live in Montco / Howard county. Meanwhile everyone who uses the tunnels or 95 will be paying for those rich middle class pricks.

    1. tylerjake says:

      Yeah, it’s Ehrlich and Bush’s fault. LMAO, what a dumb as_ thing to say!

  2. JW says:

    Wow…now the “Drug Thugs” of Bloodymore and DC can commute back and forth a bit easier……….all on our dime.

  3. Frustrated says:

    I have not driven through the tunnel since they increased the toll (there a million other ways that add a whopping 10 minutes to my drive time), and I will NEVER drive on that road. It’s not making it easier to get from Baltimore to Dc, it’s making it easier to get from HoCo to MoCo…. I would love to have something that made it faster to get to Potomac from Baltimore, but no, it skips right on past the big split!

    I hate Maryland. I hate it. I wish I could afford to move, but they have taxed, fee’d and tolled my bank account dry. If anyone has a blog, start blogging….KEEP AWAY FROM MARYLAND. The politicians do not care about the citizens here at all.

    1. disgruntled MDR says:

      MD is the roach motel, we can come but they will bleed us dry so we cannot leave.

  4. NOT THE MD I KNEW! says:

    This state has gone down the tubes. Any charm it once had has sadly been replaced by a transient culture of transplants who have brought with them traffic, bad attitudes, more taxes, and their liberal votes. I am DONE with this state!

  5. robertryan says:

    Maryland is a sanctuary state for politicans. They’re the only ones besides the lobbyists that can vote themselves fat pay raises & live in Monto co, Potomac, Georgetown, Ruxton & Hunt Valley. They don’t give a rat’s azz about you or anything resembling another human being. It’s all about me. Take that ICC toll & shove it up your azz & the paid off developers with it.

  6. robertryan says:

    Tylerjake, That’s right numb nuts Bob (Robo call) Ehrilich was the guy behind the push for that road & OweMalley the simpleton that he is just followed through. The state of Md will subsidize it because there’s not enough interest from the commuters.
    It cost over $1 billion.

  7. Meeee says:

    it’s cute that they added a parking lot for people stuck on 270 to get stuck on 95. This is an Epic Fail of intelligence and taxpayers money who do NOT want this road. There is nothing beneficial about this road except to justify someones job.

  8. j says:

    The FBI and DEA fabricate evidence, steal from suspects and use murder to close bad cases.

    Corrupt D.O.J. employees tamper with my car with the intention of causing an auto accident.

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