BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A shouting match outside the home of Baltimore’s Circuit Court Clerk Frank Conaway could result in charges being filed against the 78-year-old politician.

Vic Carter reports the matter is now with the state’s attorney.

Adam Meister is a blogger for The Politics Meister who revealed that City Councilwoman Belinda Conaway got tax credits for a home in the county she claimed as her primary residence. Conaway sued Meister for $21 million but later dropped the suit.

Belinda’s father, Frank, the Circuit Clerk of the Court for Baltimore City, lives along Meister’s jogging route.

“I saw Frank Conaway walking out his path to his front gate and yelled out at him and mentioned the lawsuit,” Meister said.

And though it was Belinda’s lawsuit, the exchange got heated.

“I was using swear words,” Meister said.

Meister in his blog writes that Conaway tried to take a swing at him.

“He…runs at me with his fist,” Meister said.

By now, Meister says they were both on the sidewalk in front of the neighbor’s house.

What neither men knew is that they were being watched. Undercover detectives were in the neighborhood and they saw what happened. Those officers saw Conaway brandish a gun during the argument and went to question him. That’s when they saw him wearing a handgun in a holster. Conaway says he has a concealed carry permit. Turns out that permit expired in March.

When WJZ spoke with Frank Conaway, he said on advice of counsel, he could not be interviewed. But before the conversation was over, he said that he did not brandish a gun and that he did not swing at Meister.

“I didn’t see that,” Meister said.

Meister said he never saw the gun police saw.

Authorities are deciding whether to file charges. Meister has already made up his mind.

“If this is true, what the police say, he should resign immediately,” Meister said.

The Office of the State’s Attorney for Baltimore City has referred the matter to an outside prosecutor with no affiliation to the office. That prosecutor will conduct the investigation and take whatever legal steps are appropriate. The Office of the State’s Attorney says it has taken this step to avoid any conflict of interest.

A source says the possible charges being looked at range from assault to handgun charges. All are misdemeanors.

The state police say that Conaway held a valid concealed carry permit from May of 2009 through March of this year.

Comments (9)
  1. Jeff Adamson says:

    Why is this leberal idiot(thats redundant) allowed to have a carry permit when we “little people” arent? It seems the liberals are only anti-gun when it comes to OTHER’S guns

    1. Jeff Adamson says:

      make that “liberal” and not leberal…ooops.

  2. J-Rock says:

    Why do whites continue to criticize others when it seems like they are beginning to take a “Back Seat” to Blacks and other races????? Your credibility is rapidly declining, just like the “Climate”….

    1. albert says:

      J-Rock, U B just anotha bad Mo Fo coon.

  3. Jethro Hooper says:

    If Mr. Conaway committed assault, and if he brandished a weapon, that would seem to be assault with a deadly weapon, plus the handgun charge, which I believe carries amandatory five year sentence. Is assault with a deadly weapon really a misdemeanor. And J-Rock, is this the way that blacks are putting whites in the back seat??? I guess it is.

  4. Jane Hagner says:

    Why is a 78-year old man still getting a paycheck from the City/State Government? I’m sure he’s also getting Social Security. He can be classified as a Double Dipper for sure. The rest of us Seniors are forced to retire at 62/65 and he’s still bleeding the system. Who does he know???

  5. William Harrington says:

    What you see here is an example of the unbridled arrogance fostered by years in office accountable to no one. Some would say these politicians are accountable but this is only in theory. Other than the politicians in the public eye, council members, mayor, city attorney , many of the people on the ballot are not known and are kept in office just by being there. Having what amounts to a lifetime position, accountable to no one breeds the arrogance seen here, the arrogance of one who feels he/she is above the law.

  6. JusticeForAll says:

    Mr. Conoway was the MD State Representative who introduced the bill that became MD’s SUPER-RESTRICTIVE gun-control laws back in 1973.

    Seems, however, that the RULERS of Maryland get to play under a different set of laws than the serfs.

    Disgusting. Why aren’t people marching in the streets about the DAILY exposure of hypocrisy in MD government and the MD Courts? WAKE UP, people of MD–your government is an organized criminal enterprise and you are ALL being victimized by it…

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