SILVER SPRING, Md. (WJZ) — Storming the 7-Eleven.  A huge group of teens steal from a Montgomery County convenience store.

It happened in Silver Spring.

About 50 teens rushed inside and then stole snacks and drinks.

Police think they may have gone there after a birthday party.

Officers arrested six teens, but they’re still looking for the rest of the group.

Comments (22)
  1. Sharon says:

    Your people stole a whole country from the Native American indidans. Did you think that was okay? Its alright when your people steal….right?

    1. Joey Dundalk says:

      Yes, and its call conquest. The subjugation of one group to benefit another.

    2. Meeee says:

      Yea and brothas rape women in africa everyday. Should I be like ya’ll and rape african women as a personal hobby too. But I’m sure rape was unheard of in africa until us white ppl huh? your logic is as distorted as a acid trip.

      1. varoom says:

        Black women can’t suc good & have stinky holes.

    3. theRiley says:

      Sharon u take it up your big black azz.

  2. Kitkat says:

    Willie Joe – you are disgusting. I am certain “they” wouldn’t even want to live in any neighborhood where you live. You are so ignorant you probably live in a “white” slum.

  3. Anita says:

    Sharon do you think it is okay for these teens to storm a small business and steal from the owner? There is no reason to steal from another person or business at anytime. Live in the present and future not in the past. We were not here during that period in history and we cannot change it. So get real no one is entitled to harm another person.

    1. baltimore resident says:

      yes it is ok the govt steals from us all the time, so where is the indictment on every politician, it’s ok for them but not us dog eat dog survival of the fitest take from the poor and give to the rich is how the govt does it so we should do the opposite

      1. Meeee says:

        So it’s okay to rape women because african officials rape women all the time. There is always a report about it

  4. Stantheman says:

    Nothing more than a mob with mob mentality. Apparently some people think they are above the law and entitled to do anything they want. They arrested six of them and I hope they are forced to repay the owner for everything he/she lost.

    1. baltimore resident says:

      yes i am above the law

      1. moleman says:

        Balto resident, You are above the law when you stand on a ladder in the law library & that’s about it dog face boy.

  5. again? says:

    oh look! sheriff willie joe-moleman-gm got her/himself a new name! so, we can add “eddiefast” to your list of aliases….you can’t hide your stripes! LOL! you funny little troll.

    1. baltimore resident says:

      only speaks the truth

  6. joe says:

    again?.. its actually willie joe sheriff sheriff willie joe moleman the truth eddiefast and now i think its oscar and another one to it is funny isn’t it lol he is a troll

  7. J Rock says:

    It is a pack mentality when too many teens get together this is what happens. If one or two of them gets shot in the process of their mischief the next pack will think twice before attempting.

  8. baltimore resident says:

    moleman that’s not what your momma said when my dog face was up her skirt while your daddy watched and your wife yelled my turn next

  9. baltimore resident says:

    hey moleman if you want to discuss this I am 216 N. Marlyn Ave 21221 if not at your moms

  10. Solid Citizen says:

    If Trayvon Martin actually paid forhis skittles, this mob could learn from his example..
    quo warranto, B.O.?

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