I’ve talked about this game since the schedule was released. Before we knew that San Francisco was a legit team, i thought this was going to be a rough game for the road team. Last week the Jets had to travel on the road and lost to, in my mind, an inferior team. When you have to travel long distance on a Thursday game, your team is going to be in trouble. For this game, the 49ers will have maybe a day to prep and then have to travel cross country. Ive talked to many players that say their bodies don’t start to feel right until a good 3 days after game day. Last time a West Coast team had to travel to the East Coast on a Thursday night, the Eagles beat the Cardinals 48-20. This was 4 days after the Ravens embarrassed the Eagles and Donovan McNabb was questioned as the starting quarterback. The Cardinals actually had the better record and went on to play in the Superbowl that year. I believe the Niners are a good team, but they will be beaten handily come Thursday night. Really tough spot for them and the NFL should look into not having teams go cross country on Thursday night games.


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