HAMPSTEAD, Md. (AP) — The Carroll County Bureau of Utilities says about 150,000 gallons of partially treated wastewater have overflowed into Piney Run Creek at the Hampstead Wastewater Treatment plant.

Utilities officials say heavy rain caused Wednesday morning’s overflow.

The Carroll County Times reports that over the past four years, repairs were made to areas of infiltration. The Bureau of Utilities says that had these repairs not been made, the overflow would be been much worse.

Health officials were notified of the overflow and signs have been posted at the creek telling people to avoid contact with the water.

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Comments (3)
  1. King O'Malley says:

    This is the reason we need to punish Marylanders with septic systems, 150,000 gallons of raw sewage directly running into the Bay. Just like all of those massive spills in the Patapsco, 100,000,000 gallons in one spill, this indicates the need for the State under my direction to input massive regulation concerning septic systems and further to eliminate all private property rights of rural Marylanders.

    Don’t worry, urbanites who keep voting in me and the Liberal machine, I won’t limit your rights, you can still pollute full strength.

  2. Liberal Soldier says:

    Dumping waste into waterways? This should make the conservatives happy. They don’t want clean water if it is a burden on the rich.

    1. sick of liberals says:

      The rich??? Please!

      If the Party of the People really want to clean the Bay they would regulate the urban areas (where treatment plants exist). Liberal Annapolis wants to do anything except regulate those who vote Democrat, and impose “save the Bay” regs (25 years worth of regs designed to attack rural Maryland that explicitly omit urban areas from those regs, as in Critical Area).

      O’Malley has done nothing but escalate these regs on rural areas and ignore things like 100,000,000 gallon sewage spills, like the one in the Patapsco in September. But it is never enough, the septic system bill that flopped in legislature is now known as PlanMaryland, where the Governor can employ another massive power grab from those who vote against him. Once again the posture is to strip rights away from rural Maryland, because they will not lose votes that way.

      All of you liberals living in the urban filth that claim to be green (such as yourself claiming conservatives do not want clean water) need to wake up, look in the mirror (once you have taken your head out of your rear end) and accept the fact that regulating rural Maryland to near death for almost three decades has not solved a thing wrong with the Bay and that a lions share of the problem lies in the urbanized areas.

      “if it is a burden on the rich”, f-off! I am by no means rich and will probably have to work till I die. What I have witnessed with the environmental regs, liberal Annapolis style is WORKING class people suffering because jobs are evaporating in rural areas. All because of the urbanites who have over-developed their side of the bay telling us rural folk they know whats best for us.

      And all of those regs in all of that time has done very little for the Bay, but has done much for the empty posturing in Annapolis. Annapolis does not really want clean water because they are too afraid to step on the toes of their voting stock to do so.

      Smell that stench at the Key Bridge? Smells like liberal agendas!

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