ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Gov. Martin O’Malley is scheduled to leave for a trade mission to India with a stop in Qatar on the front end of the trip.

The governor is leaving Friday with more than 100 business leaders, educators and state officials.

Before arriving in Hyderabad, India, on Monday, O’Malley will stop in Qatar to explore foreign direct investment opportunities.

The trip also will include stops in Mumbai and New Delhi. The goal is to raise awareness about economic opportunities for companies to pursue in Maryland, develop export opportunities and expand educational ties.

O’Malley is scheduled to return Dec. 4. Maryland first lady Katie O’Malley, a Baltimore judge, also is going to visit with
court officials in hopes of creating a judicial partnership.

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  1. sick of liberals says:

    What a crock…just another way to fleece the taxpayers of Maryland. Katie O’Malley is going to create a judicial partnership with another nation???

    Are you idiot liberals paying attention yet?

    Expanding business, what about making Maryland more business friendly? Not a chance, I guess the teflon leprechaun is going to outsource all of the jobs he can to “save the Bay”

  2. moleman says:

    I hope he get’s the shi*’s the whole trip.

  3. Liberal Soldier says:

    Sick of Liberals, Just because a person does not follow your idea of what life should be does not make a person an idiot. We all are liberal and conservative. Nothing is written in stone as you seem to think. With that said I am appalled at the O’Malleys using taxpayer funds for this trip. With the state of the economy you would think he would know better. Unfortunately the 1% which includes our elected politicians seem to be tone death. The state of Maryland will not gain anything from this pleasure trip. Shame on the O’Malley family.

    1. sick of liberals says:

      Katie O’Malley is going to create a judicial partnership with India. Are you paying attention?

      That is why I use the word “idiot” liberally. Lets take a closer look:

      O’Malley jacks up sales tax, hurts working people.

      O’Malley and his cronies steal, thats right, steal $400m from the transportation fund and now has to lean on TAXPAYERS with increased tolls, MVA fees (remember a fee is a tax, Bob? another reason idiot fits the blind dem sheeple), and a looming fuel tax. ALL HURT WORKING MARYLANDERS! Yet, the Sheeple (if you prefer) will not hesitate to elect him to a higher office in the future, even though O’Malley accused Ehrich of being “a career politician”. He has had his eye on the White House since he was Mayor.

      This is not what I think of what life should be, and I do not propose to tell others how to live. That is what DEMOCRATS such as O’Malley do, just look at PlanMaryland for instance: the King is certainly going to tell many Marylanders how and where to live, what work (if any) they will be allowed to do, instruct the Counties to do as he says, or else the Counties will not get the infrastructure money they are owed. The Party of the People plan to use extortion to enforce the proposed measures if they are enacted, and how can we stop these measures from being enacted? They cannot, O’Malley will do as he pleases, on his own, bypassing the legislative process. Just like Critical Area regs, they act only on instruction from King O’Malley.

      However, when many Marylanders are being suffocated with regulations that are posturing at best, and businesses must flee the state or shut down due to Maryland’s stance as being unfriendly to business, the voters caught in this quagmire cannot vote their way out, in other words there are enough blind democrats in this state that O’Malley and his ilk can do whatever they please knowing that they will get the votes. That, in my opinion, makes those same blindly democratic voters IDIOTS.

      Now that we have a business unfriendly due to high taxes and higher regulation, O’Malley needs to go to India for a TRADE MISSION? And take his wife, whom he gave a position as a Maryland judge, so she can create a judicial partnership with a foreign nation? He has to do more than get on the Sunday Morning political programs saying idiotic things such as “I didn’t hear the word JOBS” to create jobs. He has to do more than waste taxpayer dollars, probably $500k at least for the entourage, to bring jobs to Maryland. He needs to respect the WORKING TAXPAYERS and the potential WORKING TAXPAYERS, get off the high liberal horse, and not try to micromanage peoples lives.

      That is what the Democrats do best – tell others how to live.

      And the final reason why the people who re-elected O’Malley are idiots is that they firmly believe that the DEMOCRATS are actually for the people and they will never send him home for the atrocities he has already committed, the ones he is committing now, and the ones he will commit in the future.

      Oh thats right, A FEE IS A TAX. Did I forget to mention that gem?

      1. Liberal Soldier says:

        Wow. You are a very angry person and; you blame the Democrats and Liberals for all of your political woes. What I do is try not to get worked up to much with things you have no control over. You vote and you hope. That is what we all do. I can see a lot of fault in the Republicans and Conservatives when they were in power. I would suggest you vote for conservative politicians and hope for the best. You could also move to conservative owned states such as Louisiana, Alabama, Kentucky, West Virginia and live in the bliss of conservative rule. I will continue to work to overthrow the 536 elected officials of both parties that have no spine to make a decision in the best interest of American. They are owned by special interest. Good luck to you. Oh, I am not an idiot as you have called me because I don’t follow your conservative rules.

    2. sick of liberals says:

      As the stage is Maryland, Republicans and conservatives have no voice in this state, it is a liberal democrat state. I fully realize there are problems in both parties, but in Maryland the problems with the liberals is that they do not get voted out, hence there are no “checks and balances” and they can and do whatever they please.

      Yes, I am angry, angry at being stripped of property rights, as I live in “Critical Area” (another liberal scare tactic to exert total control over peoples lives) and in order to have economic opportunity and not have Big Brother make decisions for me I have to leave my home and find a state with a government that has more respect for its citizens. It also angers me that your pompous stance that i should simply move away to a conservative state. There is nothing simple about that and it is frankly heartwrenching to leave an area I have loved because the Party of the People want more and more control over my property and life, and more and more taxes for that “service”. Why can’t I enjoy rights to my property that I am taxed excessively for? Why can’t I have a right to work without being handheld and admonished by an overbearing liberal government? I work hard, support myself, pay taxes and being a rural Marylander am punished for doing so by liberal urbanites. My “political woes” is not the mere fact that O’Malley in and of himself was re-elected, but that he has made it his mission to further isolate rural Maryland with redistricting to make the democratic stranglehold stronger, eliminating our economies in rural ares with undue, undeserving and crippling regulations, with more and more of the same looming over our heads as I type, and taxation without accountability.

      You suggest that I vote conservative and hope for the best? I did not directly call you an idiot, as you claim (rather it was IDIOTS, plural, the sheeple of Maryland that firmly believe Democrats are for the people) but you seem to be fitting the bill nicely. Voting conservative and hoping for the best does nothing in this state, as the democrats have the stranglehold on power, for 4 decades, even with a 1 term republican governor the legislature was overwhelmingly democratic, so it is safe to say democrats have reigned for that time span. To reiterate, this allows the democrats, in this case O’Malley to do whatever he pleases. Look at the campaign lies, the outright theft from taxpayers, trips around the world on the backs of the working man (I thought Democrats were supposed to respect working people?) in the guise of “trade missions”.

      I will give you credit where credit is due for your “shame on the O’Malley family” remark, but that will stop there. You are quick to turn tail and point out there were problems when conservatives had power. So with that in mind, keep specifically to the discussion here: Can you point out in what I posted above that is incorrect? Did O’Malley outright steal from the taxpayers when he raided the transportaiion fund and then jack up tolls, fees and soon the fuel tax? Was his battle cry “a fee is a tax”? Aren’t we one of the highest taxed and over-regulated states? Aren’t we one of the most business unfriendly states (in case you are not aware it is business that creates jobs, not a blowhard decieving politician). Isn’t PlanMaryland an example of totalitarian government? O’Malley couldn’t get traction in the legislature so he takes it upon himself to force it down our throats, is that not the action a king would take? Is he not using this state as a stepping stone to the White House (God help us) just like he used baltimore as a stepping stone to the State House?

      Anger toward government is a good thing, that is the whole reason our nation exists in the first place. I have had enough with Democrats who are the redcoats of old. King O’Malley is at the forefront of re-implementing oppressive government that we fought so hard to rid ourselves of centuries ago, all so he can further his political career, and the sheeple will duly follow.

      I see that you support other types of political anger, you don’t accuse the OWS of being “angry people”, only those who oppose them (I read your posts)

      Are the democrats really for the people like they posture?

  4. Jerry says:

    I think the only reason he’s going is to help him sell Maryland out , which he’s good at. If not to another state try another country. Look at Consolation Energy wanting to be bought by Chicago . That story said that at least 200 jobs would be lost. When the hell will he stay here and do something right.
    I know it’s a stupid question.

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