WOODLAWN, Md. (WJZ)—A young man trying to walk to the convenience store never made it. Now he’s fighting for his life in the hospital.

Weijia Jiang explains he was shot several times on Tuesday night.

It happened as the victim was walking to a store around 10:30 p.m.

“He was in critical condition when we transported him to the hospital, and he remains in a life-threatening situation. We do not have any information about these suspects,” said Elise Armacost, Baltimore County police.

Police are looking for two men who fled the scene.

They say it happened at the 2500 block of Molton Way in Woodlawn, as the victim was walking to a nearby 7-11 convenience store.

“It’s ridiculous, you know,” said a neighbor. It’s why I try to get what I get in the daytime then stay in.”

“I’m shocked to hear that,” said Salim Muhammad, neighbor. “I thought this was a safe place for people to walk.”

In fact, security measures are in place around the neighborhood, where Theresa Powell has lived for 16 years.

“It’s a sad occasion. It shouldn’t have happened. As things go on, people just do mean things nowadays,” Powell said.

Powell has a new feeling about the place she’s called home for so long.

“A little leery, because if it could happen to him walking to the store it could happen to me,” she said.

At this point police have not worked out a motive. They don’t know if the victim knows the suspects. If you have any information they urge you to let them know right away.

The victim remains in the hospital in critical condition.

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  1. Gotten bad says:

    Woodlawn is to Baltimore what Compton is to Los Angeles: A dangerous suburban ghetto. I got out of Woodlawn eleven years ago when Section 8 housing came to my neighborhood and I witnessed a drive-by shooting that I had to testify against only to have the charges dropped against the perps. It was perfect and peaceful when it was mostly white 25 years ago.

  2. topper says:

    Same here – we moved out in 2003. It was getting bad then, car stereos blaring at 3am, no stop at stop signs, burglary’s and car jacking s. crazy fast drivers and just generally nasty mannered people drove us out, it happened so quickly too…I’d say in the space of 6 – 8 months they had ruined the neighborhood.

  3. moleman says:

    When will people wake up to the fact that the federal & state governments are destroying solid neighborhoods by moving via section 8 housing undesireable & criminals into these places. It’s all about appeasing the Blacks mostly & to keep them from rioting in the streets along with welfare checks a form of payoff like the gorillas did in the late 60’s in places like L.A. & the east coast including Balto….One way to stop this madness is to vote against the Democratic machine that caters to thjese thugs just for the votes.

    1. robertryan is a n-gr says:

      moleman S_ks d__k.Fill in the blanks azzhole

      1. willie joe says:

        I’ll fill in your old lady’s crack big time jit bag.

  4. Kathy says:

    I agree with all of your comments ! Section 8 needs to stop. Free money ! Drug test them and send them to work for us for that check ! things will change then ! they would be in bed or at home instead of shooting each other over drugs they cant have !!

  5. You need a education says:

    Im so tired of hearing racial replys especially when its uneducated remarks! oh yea im white! ive lived in all black nieghborhoods ive lived in all white im currently in a diverse area which i prefer being my kids are biracial and i refuse to raise uneducated, ignorant kids like most of you!

    1. Kathy says:

      Ok , Educate me. What is the Ratio of whites to blacks on welfare/section 8 ?? The amount of Murders/ crime whites to blacks ?? Amount of whites to blacks in jail ?? Maybe i am uneducated ?? We ill see ??

      1. ronskemp says:

        Kathy, you’re absolutely right. The amount of whites to blacks in jail IS disproportionate. In fact, the population sits at 85% black. That certainly does tell the story, doesn’t it? Yeah, only if you either live under a rock or are too racist to see the truth. For as long as I can remember, the judicial system has always, always, always punished black far more heavily than their white counterparts. Do blacks commit more crimes? Absolutely not. Whites just get off a lot easier, in many cases with nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Indeed, educate yourself ma’am.

  6. You need a education says:

    For you info whites are the highest on welfare have you been in social services before let alone actually statistically it shows as well and crime humm crimes commited by minorities are more reported by the news even areas that are white in reality just stop trying to look for flaws in others to justified your racism

    1. moleman says:

      You need, Whites because they outnumber blacks 13 to 1 but for the black population, 80% are sucking the govt tit which leads to lifetime of dependency, lack of self worth & non productivity. They are the facts!!!! Irrefutable……Another, Blacks 13% of the population but 58% of the prisoners in jail. Source: Bureau of prison statistics, 2010.

      1. Kathy says:

        Thatnk you !! Moleman !! Like button check !

  7. david says:

    I also agree with moleman but i looked up the statistics the last time it was updated was october 29 2011

    Inmates By Race
    White: 127,810 (58.6 %)
    Black: 82,595 (37.9 %)
    Native American: 4,035 (1.9 %)
    Asian: 3,641 (1.7 %

    i’m not saying your wrong i’m just saying thats what i found

    1. nikki D. says:

      David, Are these stats that you pulled off your head, the county or a national average. Blacks, while a minority are an overwhelming majority of the offenders in prison. I should know, I volunteered a bible study for eight years at Baltimore city & Jessup institutions.

      1. david says:

        actually nikkie D I didn;t pull them from my head i got them from the federal Bureau of prisons yeah it might be 58% in maryland but overall thats the national average

        and well no wonder you were in Baltimore city and Jessup

  8. asher says:

    let us all look at the big picture here… a child was harmed. a baby may lose their life. a 19 year old is a baby. whether black, white, yellow, red… it does not matter. a mom may never see her child alive again. put yourself in her shoes. i whole heartedly agree with ‘you need a education’. and the different races is what makes life so beautiful!! But you can’t argue with racist people. they have hate consumed hearts. i will pray safety over your beautiflul children, as well as my beautiful son…
    it’s NOT about where you’re raised, it’s HOW you are raised!!

  9. Jerry says:

    I agree with the statements about sec.8 . I live in Overlea and it was a great neighbor hood when we moved in. But when sec.8 came to the area crime went up. Music playing so loud that the house shakes , gun shots , drugs you name it.
    A house across the street was occupied by sec.8 got trashed saw one of the people who lived there and he told me they moved 4x in one year. Why cause they kept moving people in so about 3 families in one house. Cop’s called dealers and god knows what else.

  10. Jerry says:

    I mean the cops were called and there were dealers and god knows what else.

  11. willie joe says:

    People who have rented all their lives, people who have been granted freebies such as section 8 vouchers, will never assimilate into society no matter the color but mostly the black race. Simple factors are , Lack of previous parental guidance & longevity stability. Poverty largel a lifestyle choice for blacks & trashy whites because of laziness & no work ethic. In summary, when one is give something for nothing, the responsibility is there only for the moment until it is replaced with another giveaway that the person never earned.

  12. david says:

    Willie Joe you are so far off its not even funny just because people have rented all there lives does not mean theres a lack of previous parental guidance & longevity stability it also doesn’t mean theres laziness & no work ethic there are plenty of people who rented all there lives that are not lazy and have a strong work ethic your always telling people to get an education i think its you who needs an education

  13. david says:

    lmao i went to duke univ and Yale law school and when you bully people online thats a internet crime like you always do its called cyber bullying so good head keep doing it and i bet you didnt go to Rutgers and if you pay attention i said its 70% to 80% in maryland dumb azz i clearly said the National average you didnt go to rutgers univ
    there you go stupid federal Bureau of prisons

  14. david says:

    Inmate Breakdown back to top

    Inmates By Security Level
    Minimum: 17.1 %
    Low: 38.6 %
    Medium: 29.1 %
    High: 10.9 %
    Unclassified1: 4.1 %

    Inmates By Gender
    Male: 203,936 (93.5 %)
    Female: 14,145 (6.5 %)

    Inmates By Race
    White: 127,810 (58.6 %)
    Black: 82,595 (37.9 %)
    Native American: 4,035 (1.9 %)
    Asian: 3,641 (1.7 %)

    Hispanic: 74,875 (34.3 %)

    Inmate Age
    Average Inmate Age: 39

    United States: 159,503 (73.1 %)
    Mexico: 40,210 (18.4 %)
    Colombia: 2,479 (1.1 %)
    Cuba: 1,701 (0.8 %)
    Dominican Republic: 2,585 (1.2 %)
    Other/Unknown: 11,603 (5.3

  15. daivd says:

    I’m done on this article I’m not going to fight over something stupid its not going to change anything so best of luck to you in whatever it is you do willie joe

  16. george says:

    David , So you went to Duke the puke & then law school & you can’t even spell your own effin name. What a horse’s azz you are you silly little man.

    1. Pot, meet kettle says:

      George, you have a relevant and appropriate response to the facts he posted? Or are you stuck with picking out typos? I mean, geez, George, didn’t they teach you that you’re supposed to capitalize proper names?

  17. ronskemp says:

    I’m seeing a lot of small-mindedness and ignorance in these posts. Cyberbullying is, in fact, a crime, just so you all know. All of the name calling and personal attacks? That’s called cyberbullying. David, it looks as though those numbers pertain to the federal prison system, only. The nationwide state system is far more populated than that.

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