Obama To Be Just A Fan At Towson Basketball Game

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama will be just a fan at this basketball game.

Obama, who plays in pick-up games as often as he can, is bringing his family to Towson University, just north of Baltimore, to watch Towson play Oregon State on Saturday afternoon.

The first lady’s brother, Craig Robinson, is Oregon State’s head coach.

Catching an Oregon State game has become a post-Thanksgiving tradition for the Obamas.

Last Thanksgiving, the Beavers came to Washington and beat Howard. The year before that, Oregon State made the trip east and defeated George Washington.

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  • willie joe

    Yeah, sure. Security will be so tight you couldn’t drive a wedge up someones azzhole with a jack hammer.

  • Harry

    I wonder if he thanks God for Basketball ?

  • willie joe

    Basketball, the real emancipator to success in the blackie hoods. You can’t play bro, then go away!

  • fraught

    Welcome to Baltimore Mr. President, one of the many remaining places that the Cro Magnon Man, once thought extinct on the planet, can still be found and studied. As you can see from the above comments.

  • george

    Fraught, Fuc you silly boy.

  • SkipjackIV

    He should be in his office trying to reduce the debt. He is as presidential as a flat tire on the Beltway!

  • Shirley Twine

    skipjackIV i can invision his _____ass flopping around the road lol

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