BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Black Friday frenzy is over and Cyber Monday is just around the corner, but there’s another way for shoppers and businesses to cash in on the holiday rush this weekend. As Gigi Barnett explains, it’s called Small Business Saturday.

The Black Friday frenzy at large-scale malls and retailers is over. This weekend, shoppers rushed out for Small Business Saturday. It’s a chance to buy local.

“I think it’s really important to support people who are providing great products in our neighborhoods,” said Karen Brau.

Paula Dobbe-Maher owns Dutch Floral Garden at Belvedere Square in Baltimore. It’s small and quaint and Dobbe-Maher says her customers are looking for something they can’t find in big box stores.

“I think there are very interesting deals going on here and you can do it in a much more relaxed way,” Dobbe-Maher said.

Economists say stores could see a 10% boost in sales this weekend compared to last year’s. That includes small businesses, who say it’s much easier to shop on the Saturday after Black Friday.

“I think the atmosphere is more fun. I get confused in the large stores sometimes. It’s too many choices,” said Brau.

That personalized attention could lead to big sales for small stores.

“We had a little bit more business than we normally do. I think that’s because people were off for Black Friday. It wasn’t great. I think today will be better,” said Matava Too manager Becki Stenger.

This was the nation’s second annual Small Business Saturday and several lawmakers, including Senator Ben Cardin, urged shoppers to buy from smaller retailers this weekend.

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  1. willie joe says:

    This is where the plan goes all bad. Young teens, inexperienced, out of work Moms or females who don’t like retail & will be gone as soon as things improve & lastly, the “I don’t know the product & I don’t give a f,,,,,,,k if you know what I know, so stick it up your azz. That is the biggest turnoff in retail today. The large stores & box stores don’t care.

  2. fast frankie says:

    why and how did michele obama get disbared from practing law???

  3. fast frankie says:

    obama if your wife can’t pass the barr exam at law school maybe you should stay home and help her with her education

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