Swagger is something that’s one can’t quantify but you can certainly identify and folks let me tell ya Chuck Pagano has swagger. You can see it, feel it, sense it and so can his players. His guys feed off him and the best part about it, he feeds off them. Once again the “I’m the baddest dude out here” feeling is all over the place… Like maple syrup on pancakes, the swagger is everywhere and it tastes delicious. It tastes like winning. Some people got it and some people don’t, Chuck Pagano and his Ravens Defense showed they have it on Thanksgiving. They tied a single game franchise record with 9 total sacks en route to a 16-6 victory over the 49ers and did it without Ray Lewis or his backup. They are toting tons of swagger and it starts at the top.

My mind wonders to the place of “what if” sometimes and dreams of what could have been had Coach Pagano became the defensive coordinator two years prior. Maybe he wasn’t ready then, maybe he was and we wasted an opportunity. Either way, I’m brought back to the thought that 2011 is starting to look special and I can’t help but think Chuck Pagano has something to do with that…. Follow me on Twitter @gunitradio

  1. Smitty says:

    I agree Unit Pagano definitely an upgrade over Mattison!

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