GAITHERSBURG, Md. (WJZ)—Major developments in the criminal investigation involving a Maryland man in Aruba. Gary Giordano is being set free because of a lack of evidence in the disappearance of Robyn Gardner.

Mary Bubala reports Giordano is expected back at his home in Gaithersburg sometime Tuesday or Wednesday.

Agents from the FBI’s Baltimore field office raided his home more than two weeks ago.

The Montgomery County businessman is the only suspect in the disappearance of Gardner. The 35-year-old from Frederick went to Aruba with Giordano after meeting him online.

Prosecutors immediately pointed the finger at Giordano, but after more than 100 days in custody, an Aruban judge said enough was enough.

“There is no reason for him to remain detained even if there are reasons for further investigation. The judge agreed with that and ruled she will not grant the prosecution another extension,” said Chris Lejuez, Giordano’s attorney.

Giordano said Gardner was swept out to sea as the pair was snorkeling at sundown.

But prosecutors are suspicious. Giordano tried to cash a big insurance policy on Gardner.

But without a body or a murder weapon, a judge decided the window for prosecutors to harden up their case had come and gone — leaving Gardner’s friends and family still looking for answers, including her boyfriend who started the Robyn Gardner Foundation to raise money to search for her.

“Unless there is proof to me that she’s not alive then there’s no reason for me to think otherwise,” said Richard Forester, Gardner’s boyfriend.

Authorities in Aruba say Giordano’s release will come with no conditions.

However, he faces a possible grand jury indictment here in Maryland. Reports say it centers on insurance fraud connected to the $1.5 million travel insurance policy he tried to cash.

Comments (4)
  1. Steve Wilson says:

    Bet she’s not really dead and this is a scam to collect $1 million.

  2. queen says:

    The insurance co’s will not have her declared dead until all is exhausted. They then will track the B/F & this azzhole just released for years making it damm near impossible to ever collect any $$. If they do, they will have earned it.

  3. rick says:

    Go to Aruba if you want to commit Murder. They never find the body or charge the killers.

  4. nojustice says:

    We don’t want him back, please keep him. He can rent a room with vandersloot..

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