BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A warning from Baltimore City Police. Impersonators are on the loose, claiming to be officers, then robbing victims on the street.

Meghan McCorkell has details on this disturbing crime wave.

They’ve got a badge, a gun and claim to be city police. They jump out of an SUV and then rob their victims at gunpoint.

“This is incredibly troubling. This is a situation where individuals are posing as police officers. They’re preying on the trust that police have with the public, and really, victims are utterly vulnerable,” said police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi.

Three attacks this weekend all happened around the Patterson Park area. The vehicle used is described as either a green Ford Explorer or a blue Expedition. The impersonators are targeting a specific vulnerable population: Hispanic immigrants.

“It’s risen to the point of there being a real dangerous element in the community,” said Jeanne Velez.

Velez holds monthly crime meetings at the Assisi House of St. Patrick Church, Sacred Heart of Jesus. She says there was a rash of impersonator robberies a few months ago. The robbers hope immigrant victims will be too scared to call police.

“They are preying on their fear of immigration status for those who may not have to be here legally in the United States at this time,” Velez said.

The news has neighbors on edge.

“It’s just really scary. It’s frightening that people would even try to attempt something like that,” said neighbor Nicole Badwak.

“That’s just incredible. Makes you wonder who you can trust,” said neighbor Kate Lucy.

All of the attacks happened between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. Police plan to step up patrols in the area until the impersonators are caught.

Baltimore police say they will not ask any questions about any of the victims’ immigration status. They just want information on the suspects.

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  1. YourMother says: Be the first dumb ass internet loser to visit and see the truth!

    1. yousefthe giant says:

      Your mother, What a lame azz site, go suc on a big black weenie.

  2. r charles says:

    a good concealed carry law would handle these guys quick enough,
    when seconds matter the police are just a few mintues away.

  3. Mike says:

    Where is the rest of the story??
    The reporter “has details”???!!
    Why didn’t the story include a decription of the people that are impersonating police officers. Than people can be aware and look out for them

    Lousy story!!

  4. peter o neil says:

    Mike, Because WJZ-13 won’t show their mugs & want to be called racist. This is so everyday common in the city that it’s really no longer news. I wish the people would demand leadership from the black community to not tolerate this behavior but they are only interested in what’s in it for themselves. A white girls just car jacked & WJZ has her face plastered on the page.

  5. police31 says:

    These guys are crazy they will not get caught the best way to catch trhem is to don’t advertised the message on the NEWS they’re Watching! and Hispanic Well they don’t tell! thats new crime Wave, Actual police Work are done by Impersonators, and it’s alot out there some are on the real job and some are not the real mcoy because if you come across one you will know ask about KGA or how many police station is there in the city, and One other thing call POLICE when they come and ask for unsual stuff like your wallet and id and walk away with it ! It’s not hard people dont like police .Black people don’t like COPS! and thats the order it comes in Try This In west baltimore or parkheights see what happen somebody is going to come in a BODY BAG!

  6. dave says:

    It’s always the same old f….k coons.

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