Written by: John Maroon– President Maroon PR

I didn’t grow up here. I grew up in Northern New Jersey, Jets and Giants country. But I have been here since 1995 and in that time I have come to learn all too well about the crushing impact that the Colts move to Indianapolis had on the City of Baltimore…and the love that ths City had for the Colts.

Now the Ravens are here and simply put, they own Baltimore. And for good reason…they are one of the most well respected organizations in the NFL and they seem to do almost everything right, both on and off the field.
But many Baltimoreans still wax poetic about the days of the Colts and their great players, with Johnny U leading the pack. On December 6 the Sports Legends Museum will be honoring the Baltimore Colts Hall of Fame members: Raymond Berry, Art Donovan, Lenny Moore, Gino Marchetti, Weeb Ewbank, John Mackey and Jim Parker. Of those only Marchetti, Donovan, Moore and Berry are still with us and will be on hand.

This may be the last time that these great trailblazers will be together and all the more reason that a terrific football town like Baltimore should come out in full force to celebrate their lives and accomplishments.

A great number of young fans have no recollection of the Colts and don’t know a thing about their stories history and their greatness. This is an opportunity to bring them out and help them understand those who came before Ray Lewis and Ed Reed.

Baltimore is all about football and the Ravens so let’s celebrate those who made is a great football town in the first place…the Hall of Fame Baltimore Colts!

mpr BLOG: Remembering Baltimores Football Past...One More Time


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