BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — Three suspects go on a wild crime spree robbing and shooting victims and leading police on a chase. It happened in a matter of hours Tuesday night.

Gigi Barnett explains it started in Baltimore County and ended in Baltimore City.

At 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at Forrest Park and Cooks Lane in Baltimore County, three men approached a man pumping fuel at a gas station.

“Forced him at gunpoint into his vehicle. They then drove that vehicle, a ’96 Lincoln Town Car, to Baltimore City where the suspect then robbed the individual,” said Chief James Johnson, Baltimore County Police.

At 7 p.m., the suspects were at the 5300-block of Dogwood Road, driving the first suspect’s green Lincoln Town Car.

“Forced the female at that point into her vehicle, then stole the vehicle and her personal property,” said Johnson.

Fifty minutes later, the suspects were at the 7200-block of Windsor Mill with a gun. This time, the victim fought back.

“The victim tried to grab the gun, at which time the suspects fled,” said Johnson.

Police say by this time they were on the hunt and the suspects crossed over into city limits.

At 8:30 at the 2500-block of Gwynns Falls, a single suspect walked up and announced a robbery to two people.

“He was able to get from the victims’ a purse and some other personal property,” said Bealefeld.

Minutes later, the car reached the 4500-block of Loch Raven Boulevard at a gas station.

“They robbed a total of seven people,” said Bealefeld.

At about 10 p.m. the suspects drove on the west side at Reisterstown and Gwynns Falls. They robbed a young man and fired their weapon.

“The victim is shot at least twice. Police officers in Essex and Towson and Woodlawn were all looking for these guys,” said Bealefeld.

The crime spree ended at 10:20 p.m. when the suspects crashed after a police chase. They now face a string of charges from carjacking to armed robbery.

Baltimore City Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi says 12 people are believed to have been victimized by the three, who are not being identified while charges are being sorted out.

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  1. Why no self-protection? says:

    Again, Maryland proves just how dangerous this state is to live in. Why is it that a concealed carry permit is so hard to obtain when every state surrounding it is very easy to get a concealed carry permit for self-protection? Why is it that the criminals of this state have no problem getting and carrying their guns? I tell you if Maryland continues to have innocent people victimized by these out of control thugs, then many people are just going to start carrying illegally anyway. And guess what? They won’t be in the worng for doing so in that the 2nd Amendment is meant for American’s to be able to arm and protect themselves in situations just like this crimes spree. However, it is the criminals in government who have stolen away this basic fundamental right to self-protection and the criminals know this. Why else would they approach someone to rob and assault? Maryland is a criminal’s paradise, More laws to protect them than law-abiding tax paying citizens.

  2. M says:

    How do you know these people would have carried a concealed weapon? Just because the law makes it easier doesn’t mean that people around a situation would have the capability to fight back? Where is your logic? You are just ranting that you have no life and all you care about is your own fantasy of wielding a gun a saving someone, like the wild west. Well, if thats what you want, move to mexico. Even lax gun laws do not protect from poverty and bad parenting and community.

    1. I understand your feelings, but says:

      Just so you understand the psychological impact of a right to carry… the idea is that the criminal DOESN’T KNOW whether or not their victims are packing…it’s kinda the point, ya know what I mean? They are less likely (not unlikely, just less likely) to attack people if there’s a chance that the prospective victim could pull his weapon out and turn the tables. It’s why the counties in FL and TX that have a right to carry also have a very low crime rate.

  3. FED UP says:

    self-protection you are so right. Unless we start to protect ourselves this crime will continue. These animals only prey on the weak. They never assault anyone unless they have the complete advantage. Without the advantage they are cowards. Travel in packs, seak out the weak and attack……period. M is an out and out liberal cry baby that lives in an Obama fantasy world. I’ve never owned a gun, but I’m in the process of buying one.

  4. inmy_opinion says:

    Now the criminals family can start crying “my boys are good kids. he ain’t do nothin”. When will the police learn to shoot to kill? it will save the taxpayers money. Now, if the police don’t release them by mistake, the jury will “no snitch, no convict”. the criminals will be back on the streets if they are not already.

  5. Alfie says:

    You are right “Why..” We do have a right to protect ourselves but unfortunately there are people like “M” who believes that those criminals have more rights. We need to be able to defend our home, family, possessions etc

  6. Concerned Citizen says:

    The government will not fix this for us – when citizens decide they’ve had enough and start fighting back, that’s when this will stop. FED UP said it – they prey upon the weak. Its time citizens stop being the weak and it starts by allowing concealed carry. Worthless punks are a lot less likely to throw someone in the back seat of their own car if their worried that someone might put a bullet in the back of their head while they’re driving them off to some dark alley to rob and rape them. All gun control does is render law-abiding citizens defenseless — the criminals won’t stop carrying guns because a law says they can’t do it! When will dumb Liberals understand that??

  7. Steve says:

    Put their mugshots on T.V. so we can see them. I am black, so this comment has nothing to do with race.

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