There was a recent column in the Washington Post suggesting Maryland should fire Randy Edsall after a terrible 2-10 season.  Not only does it not make sense, but it’s not going to happen.

The program just killed 8 sports teams.  There’s no money to pay off Edsall and his coaches over $10 million.  Besides that, how does that make look Kevin Anderson look if he cans his own guy after a year. Not happening.

I know it looks bad right now. Edsall lost a lot of players. That said, you have to give him a chance to implement his system with his players. I don’t know if it will work; in fact, I have my doubts. But I do know if they made the initial investment in the guy, they have to give him a chance.

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  1. Terps1983 says:

    You think buying Edsall out would be expensive? First, Maryland wouldn’t have to buy him out in a lump sum. He could be paid his salary over the remainder of his contract, during which time the Terps could prevent him from taking any other coaching job. So, if he wants a buyout, he’s not getting the full $10 mil left on his contract. Second, the revenue loss that would result from keeping him would be huge – probably a lot more than Edsall’s salary. That sucking sound you hear is Terrapin Club member donations going bye-bye and football ticket sales disappearing. Firing Edsall is the only way that Anderson can hope to keep his job past this time next year.

  2. Go says:

    Problem is Anderson won’t admit he made a horrible choice. Terp 1983 is right they’ll lose more than his salary in revenue and donations alone over the lifetime of his contract. Come to think of it Anderson was a horrible choice. This team should have ended up 0-11. Towson gave the game away and half of Miami was suspended. Need to cut their loses and get rid of Edsell now.

  3. ike says:

    Well Steve you are not making any since. Keeping Edsall as coach will briing down the program even more you know why b/c it would cost more to keep him since the fans will not show up after losing there ACC QB of the year and runnerback that score 9TDS last year who just got his release from the team. The players are losing games I mean losing games when ever you have a 41 to 14 lead and you thow it away that should tell you something the players don’t like playing for him and has lost respect. There will be no top recuite as long as Edsall is here. Your coach leaves a team that lost a player to violence and can’t take the time out to let the player of UCONN know he is leaving is a sick person.

  4. FREDTERP says:

    Fire this knucklehead. FREDTERP

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