We have all heard about the stir Tim Tebow has caused when he has outward displays of faith. “Tebowing” is now in the vernacular (tebowing.com) and former players have come out and stated that they could do without his religious displays.

While I am no fan of his I must admit I think he is a victim of an obvious double standard. If he were thanking a different deity do you think anyone would be making fun of him as the Detroit Lions did? Why is it when Mike Tyson thanked Allah after converting to Islam there wasn’t this much of an uproar?

How did Christianity become a punchline? And why is it OK?

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  1. Martha Powers says:

    There is definitely a double standard. Peope who are offended by his religious displays should be more offended by players who beat their wives/girlfriends, have children by multiple women concurrently, are accused of rape, stomp on each other during games, urinate on national television, and otherwise act like animals. Whether you agree with his beliefs or not, he stands as an example of a morally just man who has the balls to speak out for what he believes in. That is the kind of man I want my son to emulate, not the thugs that populate the NFL. I think most people who degrade him are threatened by his conviction and his lack of fear of expressing himself. If a rapper can win an award for a song exulting violence against women, why can’t a man celebrate his faith during a nationally televised game? Double standard, for sure.

  2. JOhn SMith says:

    Why is no one complaining about Ray Lewis – Does he not throw in a reference to God in every interview he does.

    1. john says:

      yea right Ray thinks he is God cant wait till he gets his wake up call

      1. Steve says:

        Interesting, I’ve seen a lot of his interviews and I can’t recall him saying that he thought he was god. Did you have a personal conversation with him and he told you that he thought he was god? Or is this just a over the top exaggeration on your part?

  3. Laura says:

    Freedom of religion! He has a genuine love for God, more power to him! The most ironic part about it all is that Jim Schwartz has a bunch of brothers and sisters and comes from a very Roman Catholic family!

  4. MaxPounder says:

    they riidin tebow’s johnson on the news daily. the guy is 5-1 as a starter and they still ask can he play in the nfl. he prays…so what. as lucky as the broncos have been lately….a little prayer would help alot.

  5. Jim Varley says:

    I would rather have my son look up to Tim Tebow and emulate what he does rather than what some other NFL players do. I am not a religious guy, but I have a lot of respect for Tebow – I find it unfortunate that he is criticized for his show of Faith. There is nothing wrong with prayer, it shows a personal relationship with God and does no harm to anyone. I honestly do not understand why people are upset about this. Tebow is a good role model (for all ages) and I would like to see more players like him in professional sports.

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