BALTIMORE (AP) — A hearing has been scheduled in federal court for a lawsuit against Maryland’s congressional redistricting map.

The hearing has been set for Dec. 20 in U.S. District Court in Greenbelt.

The hearing will be held before a three-judge panel.

The panel includes Judge Paul Neimeyer, of the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, Judge Alexander Williams, of Maryland, and Judge Roger Titus, of Maryland.

Titus wrote in a memo announcing the hearing that the court plans on publishing an opinion by the end of January and will discuss with the parties at the hearing any election dates that may need to be modified.

The lawsuit, which was brought by nine black voters, contends the map approved by the General Assembly in October dilutes the black vote in the state.

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  1. John Acord says:

    If there is a poster boy for a crooked, politically corrupt judiciary I would have to nominate Roger Titus, who is arguably the most blatant of a host of political hacks appointed by Bush 2 to serve the interests of the Big Business cabal that dominates the Republican party. A good example is Titus’s dismissal of all charges last May against a Glaxco attorney who had purposely lied and flagrantly deceived the FDA about Glaxco off-label marketing of drugs. Titus never allowed he case to go to the jury and made it it impassible for the Government to appeal. Titus before being sent to the federal bench was a partner in Venable, who services Big Pharma. Look and you will see a pay-off, money or political, I am sure it is there. In my own case, Titus put me in the DC Jail for 97 days simply because I attempted to enforce a permanent injunction by another pharma executive who had admitted twice under oath that he had violated the injunction, and then denied it. He also entered a $4 million default judgment against my 87 mother and I without any warning or hearing. We later found out that Titus shared offices and had extensive dealings with the opposing parties counsel. Obviously, another pay-off. Its all before the 4th Circuit and I expect his Republirat buddies will sweep it all under the carpet. Anyway, this is one judge the people of Maryland need to investigate, prosecute and impeach as quickly as possible. I suggest Governor Mallory and his Attorney General look into Titus and they will find someone they had better get removed immediately to protect whatever is left of judicial integrity in Maryland. I am sure the evidence of his corruption can be uncovered. The State of Maryland had better take the lead or they will be as at fault as Titus himself.

    1. Jeff Adams says:

      Whatever! Investigate ANYONE except the Democrats trying to steal even more power in this state, thats the solution.

      The DEMOCRATS are so greedy for power that they have to Gerrymander in a state where they already have a 2/3 majority.

      Republirats. They are the problem in a liberal democratic socialist state.

      Get your head out of your rear end. You didn’t get paid, and thats your beef here.

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