OK… Ravens vs. Browns. The 4-7 Browns vs. the 8-3 Ravens. This one is a piece of cake, right?  Not so fast.

I’m sorry to remind you the three losses the Raven suffered this season were against teams WORSE than the Cleveland Browns… and all three were on the road. Of course the Ravens are favored to win this one, but why is this game any different than Tennessee, Jacksonville and Seattle?

The guys certainly took the field with a little extra confidence this week after beating the 49ers at home on Thanksgiving, a win John Harbaugh and his staff will never forget. But the players, however, already have. Most of the guys in the locker room have preached the importance of having a short memory. Chris Carr last week spoke about having the mindset that every game is as important as the next and even Harbaugh has told us time and time again… the most important game is this week’s.

How concerned are you that the Ravens could very well come home with a loss and put themselves in a position to lose home field in the playoffs?

I’m guessing you’re not THAT concerned… but it’s certainly something to think about.

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