BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Cracking down on dog owners. A recent dog attack near Patterson Park has prompted police to make sure pets are on a leash.

Andrea Fujii has more.

At Patterson Park, dogs often run around off-leash, but that’s against the law—and now police are enforcing it.

Misha the poodle may have a permanent limp after two dogs attacked him a couple of blocks away from Patterson Park.

“He’s pinned to the sidewalk and these two pit bulls are ripping his flesh. Literally ripping his flesh,” said Misha’s owner, Joanne Dolgow.

The other dogs’ owner admits the pets got out of his fence.

“When Misha was on the table and that big cut—it broke my heart when I saw that,” said Angel Perez.

This incident prompted police to hold a community meeting about off-leash animals that they say have become all too common in Southeast Baltimore.

“If you have a dog just like mine, keep him on a leash when you’re taking him out in public. It’s not only for the dog’s safety, but for the public’s safety, as well,” said Anthony Guglielmi, Baltimore City Police.

In response, any person with a dog off-leash in Patterson Park is now ticketed or given a warning. Police have already issued 10 citations in the last two and a half weeks.

For the most part, dog owners at the park support enforcement.

“It makes me nervous, because while my dog is normally good with other dogs, it doesn’t mean that the one running around the park isn’t going to be the one who sets her off or scares her,” said one dog owner.

“I mean, you can’t have dogs off leashes in the park but also in Patterson Park, there is no dog park to take them to,” said a dog owner.

Meanwhile, Misha’s owner supports the crackdown but hopes for more.

“I can’t get the scene out of my head, and I think he’s traumatized, too,” Dolgow said.

The two dogs that attacked Misha are at Animal Control, awaiting a hearing to determine if they’ll be euthanized. The dog owner was cited.

Baltimore City Animal Control says they see about 300 vicious dog cases a year.

Comments (21)
  1. Dale says:

    I believe that the owner of any animal, whether it is domesticated or not should understand the greatest possibilities of an animal deeming its nature as it is. It is impossible to think that an animals nature can be fully controled by the mere wave of a hand. Let’s be honest people,if human beings have anger issues and at some point exhibits mean and nasty behaviors toward one another,can it be that it is because of the other person or at that moment, it was actually our inherent nature? Enjoy your pets, but most importantly keep them on a leash for safety sake.

  2. Kathleen Cunningham says:

    There is no bad dags, Just bad owners.

    1. willie says:

      Maybe we should leash the owners?

  3. willie says:

    What is it with dog owners, Pit Bulls in particular who have an attitude of “In your face” or STFU when it comes to being responsible dog owners. There are too many damm dogs in this country to begin with & anybody who keeps a dog big or small in an apt or condo / toen house needs to be leashed & lashed for cruelty to animals.

  4. Samster says:

    Punish the deed, not the breed.

    I feel very sorry that this man may lose his family pets, but they did a bad thing. I feel sorry that this woman had to witness her dog being attacked, but she shouldn’t be so closed minded about Pit Bulls. If her dog had been attacked by an Akita, Chow, or Husky, we wouldn’t be hearing about it. Yes, there are BAD pits, but if people would take the time to research the breed, you would find that the human agression/ dog aggression trait was unfavorable to the “gentleman” dogfighter in the 1800s. Obviously there had to be some sort of “drive” to the dog, but it wasn’t fueled by agression. I think that the “thugs” and “gangstas” of today have given the Pit a bad rap.

    Why is it so easy for people to accept the nature versus nurture theory for murderers, but when it comes down to a dog, it must be the whole breeds problem, and not one sad, unfortunate case of mistreatment?

    And Willie, get a life. There are too many self-centered, racist, egotistic, narcissitic, people in this world as well, but no one has banned them. Better hurry and cash that Pay check from WJZ before the Wal * Mart closes.

    1. Stupidity Rules says:

      Please explain why this particular breed is so popular even though it seems they are overly aggressive? What causes certain types of people in certain areas to want to buy them over other breeds.

      1. willie says:

        Pit bulls & coons, aggressive & obviously dumb. The aggressiveness is an attempt to conceal their lack of intellect.

  5. Samster says:

    I’m very white and very educated, thanks.

    It’s because not all Bull breeds are aggressive. How many pits attack people in suburbs in the county? Not many. Notice how it’s always in the more “questionable” parts of town that this happens? Personally, I’d rather have a Bull-Breed than a poodle. It’s sort of the same as the gun control argument. I prefer to have guns safely stored away where I can access them if my family or myself were ever in danger. Same goes for my bulldogs (and my beagles). They’re all safely locked away in their crates or the yard, but easily accessible if I (or they) felt that myself or my family were in danger.

    I’m disgusted by the people in the City that breed, torture, and fight these dogs to the point that they’ve been labeled killers. I believe the addage goes, “If it has teeth, it bites.”. I acknowledge that there are terrible pit bulls. I know there are some that can’t be helped because scars run too deep or they’ve been inbred to the point of insanity. If a pit (or any breed of dog) seriously injures another dog or human, then that dog should be euthanized. But there are plenty of responsible breeders and owners out there, too, who don’t deserve to lose their dogs because a group of irresponsible people. Personal responsibility, people.

    Like guns, Bull breeds aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you don’t like them, don’t own one. If you’re that afraid of them, aviod them. Educate yourself and excercise caution, just like you would with any strange dog.

    1. willie says:

      Samster, In a perfect world that all sounds sane & sensible. Last time I looked around the city sewer it is vastly different. When was the last time you left your protected bubble? Oh, BTW, I know you’re well educated, you had to tell the world.

  6. cathy says:

    #1 GET WILLIE OFF OF THESE COMMENTS,HE IS SUCH AN ASS,!!! I for one willie live in an apt and have a small pom,he is the best dog,On the topic of what happen I hope they do not punnish these poor dogs by killing them, it is the fault of the owners,They always want tp put the dogs down,How about putting down some of the kids then that murder,steal or whatever,the parents are at fault there to

  7. Jennifer says:

    Does anyone know if the poodle was on a leash?

    So sorry to hear this happened, on all accounts. I hope those dogs are able to go back to their family.

    And Samster, you can’t argue with crazy so don’t waste your time. Your comments are very thoughtful. But I can’t help but ask, did he REALLY use the words “coon” and “intellect” in the same set of sentences? Sorry, can’t stop laughing about that!!!!!!!

    1. Amanda Goddard says:

      no the poodle was not on a leash and the pitts did not just get out the yard on their own someone broke the gate and also there is more to the story there was a 4th dog involed as well and only one of my pitts bit her dog the other by the way is white and when animal control got there he would had been covered in the poodles blood and the one that was in this dog fight …yes fight my dog has bite marks too came from barcs and is a lil shy and was just defending hisself they love kids and if a child would had walked by they would had played with his or her and there are alot of dog breeds that would had got alone with that poddle but my dogs would hurt a fly and even when people were beating them with sticks and bricks they was still not mean

      1. Amanda Goddard says:

        sorry i mean wouldnt hurt a fly and other breeds might not had got alone wit the poodle

      2. Jennifer says:

        Amanda, I’m so sorry for what you must be going through.

        Was the 4th dog a pit? And was he/she also brought to BARCS? Why was nothing mentioned about this dog in the reports? (I know you don’t know the answer – it’s a rhetorical question…) Ugh 😦

        You said someone broke down your fence? Was this to let the dogs out? Really awful. You should write a response to this article to highlight their biases. Any news on whether your dogs will be coming home from BARCS soon? My thoughts are with you and your family.

  8. Amanda Goddard says:

    well i was gonna get a cute little dog,when i found out about barcs they have hundreds of pitts who need a home and i found out they are a kill shelter so if i got one i could save one of 1000,s killed a year.who,s you people,im a mom of 3 kids who happens to own 2 sweet pitt are uneducated and know nothing about pitt bulls my dogs are not vicious and not all pitt bulls are as well

  9. Amanda Goddard says:

    no the 4th dog was not the lady said she saw the dog fight and walked her dog across the street to help then it got in the dog fight theres a lot of lies and things that they didnt say, well we wont know if they will be coming home for a few weeks..and thank you if u want to ask anything feel free

    1. Angel Perez says:

      thats the truth

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  11. Joe Ross says:

    My condolences to all involved. One question though: what would having your dog on a leash have prevented in this situation? I ask this with the only knowledge I have of the incident coming from the news story itself. Seems to me if the dogs broke out of their yard and were the attackers that it wouldn’t have mattered if the poodle was on a leash or not…

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