Look, judging by the calls this morning people are freaking about Cundiff’s two missed field goals and a nearly missed extra point. I was concerned as well during the game but after giving it some thought I believe John Harbaugh’s explanation after the game. The coach stated that not only were the wind and rain problematic but so was the poor footing which didn’t allow kickers to plant well.

I believe him because before any of the missed attempts, the Ravens went for a fourth and almost two on the Browns 26 in the first quarter. It’s a move you’d almost never see against a division opponent on the road…unless the coaches thought that the conditions were so bad that anything other than a chip shot wasn’t worth taking.

Make sense or am I being too much of a homer?

Comments (2)
  1. David says:

    It does make sense for now. Will have to watch and see what happens from here on out though.

  2. Robin DiMartino says:

    Everyone has a bad day. So much we had to cause problems. I am still confident in Cundiff.

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