ODENTON, Md. (WJZ) —  New questions about that police-involved shooting investigators say was an accident. WJZ has learned more than one shot was fired. 

Monique Griego reports police labeled this an accidental discharge, but there’s more to the story. WJZ found at least five bullet holes.

Only WJZ takes you inside the scene of a friendly fire police-involved shooting. It left one elderly woman’s home a disaster.

“I cannot believe it. I can’t believe it,” she said.

It all started Monday afternoon when police busted her caretaker outside her home, carrying 27 pounds of marijuana. Then, when officers broke in to search the residence, police say one officer shot the other.

“It appears there was an accidental weapon discharge by a Baltimore County officer on the task force, who struck a Baltimore City officer on the task force in his arm,” said Justin Mulcahy, Anne Arundel County Police.

Neighbors say it sounded worse, describing a chaotic scene.

“They rushed into the house, broke the door in and that’s when I heard the gunfire,” said neighbor Chuck McMillan.

Based on the blood stains in the carpet, the officer was shot as he was entering the basement. WJZ counted at least five bullet holes in the sheet rock. The bullets went across the living room through the back sliding glass door.

Police analyzed the scene for hours, apparently trying to determine why so many shots were fired.

“It’s very early on and we’re trying to get to the bottom of those details,” said Mulcahy.

The homeowner says she had no idea her caretaker, 38-year-old Vernon Jackson, had drugs. She’s also upset after claiming police told her she had to pay for the damage.

“This is so crazy,” she said.

At last report, the city police officer is still at Shock Trauma, but he’s expected to make a full recovery.

The county officer who fired his weapon is on routine paid administrative leave.

Comments (26)
  1. Amanda says:

    I would NOT want to serve a warrant in that area.

    1. War on Main Street says:

      Maybe someone pulled a hairbrush and frightened him?

      Ive been considering developing a Kevlar SWAT repellant tent that people could secure themselves in at night time when they go to bed. It would protect them from SWATs high powered military rounds traveling through peoples walls, down the street and into someone their bedrooms by accident. I would offer a childrens line as well as an adult version. Any interested in purchasing one or several to protect their families?

  2. Dangerous Maryland says:

    Odenton: yet another Maryland community in the news again for all the wrong reasons. Also on the list, Randallstown, Woodlawn, Edgewood, Capital Heights, Aberdeen, Arbutus, Bowie, Columbia, Frederick, Timonium, Glen Burnie, Annapolis…

  3. DOCSRUS says:

    Sounds like Cleatus, Barney and Boss Hog were on the scene!. Yee Haw.

    1. Stupidity Rules says:

      Boss Hog did not carry a weapon and Barney only had one bullet so it must have been Cleatus.

  4. Stupidity Rules says:

    Accidentally discharged his weapon 5 times? What did he have an uzi? Sounds like they need more time to get their story straight. This poor woman now has to pay for their incompetence and negligence. If they busted him outside the home why did they go inside. Maybe they were arguing over who was going to take what they found inside the home, like CASH. It is Christmas time you know.

    1. KAY says:

      I agree with this one, They were fighting over the MONEY!!!…LOL

  5. bernard Mc Kernan says:

    Vernon Jackson , white? yeah, so is Jesse Jackson.

    1. reading comprehension says:

      If you read the story, it says nothing about “Vernon Davis” having a gun or firing one. This does not mean that he didn’t, but it was not mentioned in the story. The guy was busted outside the house, then they entered the house, at which time one cop shot another cop, apparently accidentally, but multiple shots were fired.

  6. concern citizen says:

    hiarious they like to post willie and his buddies racist comments on this board.

    1. racism dies hard says:

      Seriously, why would CBS (or WJZ) allow this guy to post here every day. I’m willing to bet that 90% of the comments posted are flagged and removed, so why not just ban the guy by his IP address.

      1. Hikaru Sulu says:

        Because it’s a free country. Also you can post your anti-White; White should never complain about the diversity being forced down their throats and just stop being uppity comments all day long. If you don’t want to allow White to complain about real issue affecting them, then would have also not allowed Black to complain about issues back in the 60’s?

      2. willie says:

        Because I’m loved & reapected for my well thought commentary & besides, I’m a charter member punk.

  7. concern citizen says:

    CBS or WJZ you are losing you audience by posting all the racist comments on here.

  8. Jada says:

    Wait a min. What really happened here. The women in the back ground screaming, “OH No.” This clip that WJZ 13 is showing serve no justice. Friendly Fire ??? Why was Baltimore City on the sene anyway????? Someone help me understand this police shooting/ Raid will yah.

  9. Willie for Prez! says:

    On a positive note at least there high powered rounds didnt penetrate the chalk (drywall) wall seperating the next unit and kill a child or other innocent civilian.

    I understand that it was important to get the 27 lbs of marijuana off of the streets so the cartels could make more money and replace the shipment with another 27lbs so even if our current drug law policies endanger innocent children and other citizens an average of 45,000 times per year its worth it! Gotta make the roads safe for the 180 million boozeheads!

  10. patriotic m. balmer says:

    She tried to take out a pig. What’s the big deal?

  11. Sharon says:

    Once again, the good o’ boys in blue just busted in and over reacted. Surprisingly, they didn’t kill each other or anybody else. And these are trained veteran cops? What’s wrong with that picture? They need to go back to the training academy. Maybe they’ll get it right the next time around because they seem to be trigger happy.

  12. james says:

    Probably got caught holding out bribes from other corrupt cops.

  13. Accident on i 80 says:

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