GLEN BURNIE, Md. (WJZ)– A Glen Burnie High School teacher is accused of having sex with three students, and police say, some of the alleged abuse happened on campus.

Weijia Jiang has the reaction from parents, students and police.

The principal of Glen Burnie High says the accused teacher was a trusted member of the faculty and the entire community. But now, after these stunning allegations surfaced, he stands to lose his job, reputation, even his freedom.

Twenty-nine-year-old Jeffrey Sears, Jr. is described as being well-known and popular by his students and colleagues at Glen Burnie High School. An image that came crashing down Thursday when he was arrested for having sexual relationships with at least three female students between the ages of 15 and 16 years old.

“He actually borrowed my best friend’s toner saying she had nice legs,”  said Stephanie Luber, a student at Glen Burnie High.

“As a mother, grandmother and someone who’s spent my entire adult life in education, these charges make me absolutely sick to my stomach,”  said Patricia Nalley, president of the Board of Education.

Anne Arundel County education leaders and police reveal the encounters happened between November 2009 to October 2011, both on and off campus, sometimes even during regular school hours.

“It shows how much he was able to hide it because you didn’t even suspect it was happening right next to you,” said Ashley Hall, a Glen Burnie High School student. “And you can see it. When you look back and think about it, you can see how it was. You can start to connect those dots a little bit more.”

Now, Sears faces a hefty list of charges including multiple counts of sexual abuse of a minor, various sex offenses and perverted practice. He was removed from the school on Nov. 1 when the investigation unfolded.

Sears, an English teacher, was also an assistant coach for the boys junior varsity basketball team. Police say it was a fellow coach who reported him.

Students received a letter hashing out the gritty details, but parents demand more answers.

“You’re trusting the teachers to watch over your children while you’re at work expecting them to do the right thing,” said Shawn Taylor, a parent whose child attends Glen Burnie High.

Sears had a bail review earlier on Thursday. The judge set it at $3 million– $1 million for each of the alleged victims. Police say there may be other victims and urge anyone with information to come forward.

The superintendent says he will recommend Sears be suspended without pay as the investigation continues.

Comments (40)
  1. adraine says:

    throw his nasty a&$ unfer the jail

  2. Haider Ali says:

    Mr.Sears was a good teacher. my favorite actually. but i don’t know why the girl who did it with him told everyone that she did. he is a good guy let him out. And this is coming from a straight A student, i guess “nerd” who went to college at 10th grade becuase of him. he is not a bad guy.

    1. Been There Seen It says:

      Some girls are just stupid. I don’t know this teacher but I have seen this at plenty of schools. The girls throw themselves at these young teachers. When they dont get thier way the run their mouths. It was clearly consentual.

    2. Steven Heline says:

      you are a disgusting person for thinking what he did was ok. you say he was a “good guy” yet he cheated on his pregnant wife??? no your sick, the only reason sickos like you think he is a good guy is cause you have dreams just like all the other sick freaks. he is a child molester enough said.

  3. willie joe says:

    What a croc. They put his name & picture & he was only accused NOT convicted. These underage girls today know just what they are doing & to cop a teacher is a big score for the young ladies to brag about among their peers.

  4. andrew says:

    i agree with willie. i also go to glen burnie and had sears. gb isnt all that, but u gotta stay w/ it. sears was a good person. i put more blam on the girls, i mean who brags about having sex with a teacher?? yea the girl, she lost more than half her friends

  5. andrew says:

    o, and he didnt “pounce on the young unsuspecting” he practically got pounced. the girl wanted him to do it. she went to him and did it, he didnt say anything to her to start it.

    1. What happened to men? says:

      aw, that poor, unsuspecting guy. It’s a shame that these pitiful little creatures (men, according to you) are so useless that they can’t control themselves around teenaged girls on hormonal overdrive. Gosh, and here I thought men were supposed to be strong, defenders of the vulnerable…oh, what am thinking… “men” these days don’t know how to be strong, good, defenders of the vulnerable! No, they’re good at “Facebook” friiending and video games and having inappropriate relationships with minors to whom they are paid to teach math. My bad.

  6. Gene Walsh says:

    “IF” he didnt do it then putting his picture and name in the news will ruin his career. I would hope that the Police would not arrest him unless they have a good case against him, I’m sure they think like we do that the girl involved may have made up the story …similar to what happened at DUKE University where the whole Lacrosse Team was accused and it didnt happen….so where do you draw the line?

  7. Just my opinion says:

    I think he admitted to it. Bottom line is if he did it, he deserves to be punished. I don’t care if the girl initiated it. He was a grown adult and it was “3” underage girls. He knew the consequences of messing around with a minor. He played with fire and he got burned. I feel sorry for his family for the hurt and embarrassment he has caused them. It also looks like he had a wife, my heart goes out to her because I know hers is broken.

  8. Flo- Rida says:

    WAS he having bad luck at cancun cantina and bamboo bernies? Prob because he’s white!

    1. the truth says:

      He didn’t have a big Black trouser trout.

  9. get real says:

    For all of you folks wanting to put blame on the girls, there is something seriously wrong with you. Doesn’t matter if the girl(s) “wanted” it. He is an adult. They are not. There are laws against what he did. He should be in jail. End of story.

    1. Meeee says:

      If the little skanks didn’t dress like tricks in training then this wouldn’t be a problem. You don’t hear of Amish being raped and there are men there. Maybe if the mothers of these hos would show some self respect for themselves as well as these girls then this would never had been an issue. If they do not want to be treated as such then don’t dress like your in a deep throat marathon. Not to mention the girls who are accusing him probably slept with about 50% of the boys tat GBHS and that’s why they upgraded to a teacher… The girls knocked on the devils door and someone answered. Next time it may be at a bar when they lead some guy on…hopefully.

  10. Justina says:

    I do believe he was wrong if what he did actually happened, and very irresponsible, innappropriate, and disturbing of him. But for me graduating 2 years ago, somewhat fresh out of high school, I’ve seen it first hand what the girls of my and younger generation are like. They are a product of todays society. They see these things going on around them FAR TOO OFTEN. They are curious or just plain negligent for any kind of consequences for them and the people they are involving and hurting. Im not saying all girls are all like this, but their are alot of like that. The girls today need to just slow down, and stop trying to be so grown so fast.

  11. GM says:

    I am 63 years old and graduated from GBHS. I am very successful due to the teachers I had there.
    The girls are more than old enough to know what they were doing so I cant see why he sould go to jail over it.
    We need all the good teachers we can get.

    1. One perv to another, eh? says:

      You mean good teachers who can’t keep it in their pants? ARE YOU JOKING? As an “adult” with a responsibility and duty to protect children, he should have been able to approach the principal or their guidance counselors or their parents, for God’s sake and say, “Listen, these are precious girls with their whole lives ahead of them and they are walking a tight rope right now. I think it’s time to step in and give them some guidance.” … that’s too much, you say? OK, how about this one…how about he just said “No.”…. simple as that.

      …or do you think a teenager is perfectly capable of making well thought out plans with an eye toward the potential consequences? really? because he was an adult and didn’t think of the potential consequences to his actions. He’s not a good teacher if he can’t control his urges.

  12. Pam says:

    I graduated from Glen Burnie High School 30 years ago and also had an excellent education. Teachers having sex with students is nothing new. What is new is calling it child abuse and perverted. I know what he did with those 3 girls was terribly wrong, but also know that many young girls in today’s society see something they want and do everything in their power to have it. Was what he did wrong, “YES”, should he loose his job “YES”, should he be criminally prosecuted….I don’t know.

    1. willie says:

      Pam, STFU, We know your kind. Word on the street says you wouldn’t even lick the lollipop at your prom…….One who knows.

  13. willie says:

    Mr Sears got a lot of Nookie because like the slogan says: Sears, “Satisfaction Guranteed”…….Just ask your Mom’s.

  14. wooooow says:

    Young girls often fantasize of having “relations” with older men,men with titles and authority.So this doesn’t surprise me at all that yet another man has fallen victim to the cat lol.Hey men learn how to keep your pee pee in your pants and not in little girls…or boys lol

    1. keets says:

      Today’s “men” are weak. Just look at how they see little girls with no more experience in being a person than 15 or 16 years….jeez, they’ve only had boobs for 3 years or so. Ooooo look out for the big bad teenaged girl. No wonder so many women are turning to other women. Someone has to be a man, seems women are better at that, too.

  15. Jack Pollack says:

    Willie, your wife and kids won’t let you get a word in edge-ways at home. You’re the typical milktoast, lacking self confidence, always looking for the corner of the room when there are people around.

    The internet gives you the opportunity to shoot your big foul mouth off without any back talk…somthing you can’t do at home. Makes you feel like a real man, you mouse. Get a grip, you blowhard.

    1. albert says:

      Jack Pollack, Your mouth is like Jersey’s Snookie’s vagina. Very big & nothing good ever come out of it. You’re frustrated.

  16. willy for prez says:

    I Love this Willie guy……im literally laughing so hard at his comments that its making my eyes water…..WILLIE FOR PRESIDENT!!!

  17. MD DAD says:

    Look at it this way. He was saving money. He could have found the same girls walking down Crain Hwy. late at nite, but it would have cost him.

  18. albert says:

    15 , 16 yr old girls today are way more street smart & developed than the girls of yesterday thanks to MTV & all the rap music B.S.

  19. Grow up says:

    So many of these comments are just horrible. For the adults on here you need to remember is does not matter what area you live, what school distrist you attend, your race, your dress code (or lack of), NO TEACHER SHOULD BE INVOLVED SEXUALLY WITH A STUDENT!!! It does not matter that outside of school young adults (16,17) date 18,19,21 year olds. A teacher is an authority figure and has a RESPONSIBILTY to EVERY CHILD/STUDENT!
    I have no clue as to his guilt or innocence. But some of you on here should be ashamed of saying anything about how someone dresses and that the student is the agressor for why an ADULT would have sex with a student.With many of your explanations on here it is no wonder this stuff occurs, I think half of you condone it! As a mother of all boys, I spend a lot of time teaching respect. Some of you need to rethink your values.

    1. yousefthe giant says:

      Grow up. Lady, in a perfect world I guess you would be correct. Only God writes in stone, all others in disappearing ink.

  20. J-Rock says:

    Why is this News??? This is the norm for you TrashyAzWhitePeople…. So it’s either this White Teacher do your Teenage girls or A white preist doing your lil boys….. You choose!!!!

    1. allyallneedaneducation says:

      Your right, it wasn’t a babysitter giving a 2 year old herpes.. . These girls knew what they were doing… That child in Balimore didnt have a choice. FYI the person who gave the baby herpes what the opposite of white which is…? I’ll give you a hint. It’s the other part of monochrome.

  21. Sharon says:

    IF he had sex with the girls, it was wrong and he knows the difference between right and wrong. Obviously he was thinking with the wrong head. As an adult, he should have handled that situation as a responsible adult. Now he will have to pay the price which is not good at all. It is unfortunate for everyone involved.

  22. breathalyzer says:

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