Ken Weinman: All Quiet On The Warehouse Front

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(Photo by Steve Ruark/Getty Images)

(Photo by Steve Ruark/Getty Images)

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While we wait to see Albert Pujols get 250 Million Dollars from the Angels, we also watch the Miami Marlins dominate the MLB winter meetings in Dallas.  They sign Jose Reyes, Mark Buehrle, and Heath Bell.  They are still in on Prince Fielder and CJ Wilson.  They made a strong attempt to sign Pujols.

Personally, I’m a little jealous.  The Baltimore Orioles have done, nothing, nada, squat, bupkis.  Now the meetings aren’t over but I don’t forsee them doing anything earth shattering.  New guy in charge Dan Duquette says they have a plan and their goal is to be 500 or better this season.  Well, show me some proof.  Show me a sign of life.  Something to get me, and the starving fan base, excited.

We all continue to wait….

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