Dry weather is anticipated in the Greater Baltimore Area over the next several days.

With less wind than yesterday, sunshine will be dimmed by high clouds from time to time today.

 That wind, primarily out of the southwest, will be occurring ahead of the next, approaching cold front. Therefore, temperatures should be able come very close to 50 degrees in many of the bigger cities and towns this afternoon, while the typically cooler spots will probably fail to get out of the mid-40s.

That cold front, now located in the Great Lakes states, is interacting with a strong impulse of jet stream energy to cause some light snow in portions of Illinois, Indiana, southern Wisconsin and Michigan. However, by the time that boundary reaches the East Coast late tonight, it’ll have very little moisture to work with. Therefore, tonight and tomorrow morning will probably bring us some clouds, but no precipitation.

Most lows tonight will be in the upper-20 and 30s just about everywhere.


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