ROCKVILLE, Md. (WJZ) — Mob robberies. It’s a crime craze sweeping the nation. Now one Maryland lawmaker is fighting back against the dangerous trend.

Meghan McCorkell has more on a proposed crackdown.

At least two mob robberies have happened this year in Maryland. Now lawmakers are cracking down on the dangerous trend.

A Silver Spring 7-Eleven was overrun by teens. They grabbed what they could, then walked out the door, stealing hundreds in goods. In Germantown, more than two dozen teens took over a store. They trashed the aisles and stole $450 in merchandise. In D.C., a group of girls emptied shelves right into their shopping bags, then ran out of the store.

“This is a growing phenomenon and each flash mob robbery seems to get bigger,” said Delegate Jeff Waldstreicher.

Now Waldstreicher wants to stop the crime craze. He’s proposing a state law that would make anyone caught in a mob robbery responsible for the total amount stolen from the store. Under the new bill, instead of being charged for stealing a soda or some candy, each person involved could be charged with stealing hundreds in merchandise. The proposed penalties could mean larger fines or more jail time.

“We just want it to be another tool in the toolbox of law enforcement. Primarily, we’re putting it in as a deterrent,” Waldstreicher said.

Video is a tool law enforcement used to nab suspects in the Silver Spring robbery.

“We identified 18 of the kids almost immediately,” said Montgomery County police officer Luther Reynolds.

Now police hope this new bill will stop this dangerous trend before it escalates.

The mob robbery bill will be introduced during the next legislative session, which begins next month.

Theft valued at less than $1,000 is considered a misdemeanor in Maryland.

Comments (15)
  1. POPOPO says:

    How are you going to get any money from these welfare babies?

    1. What the he--! says:

      Popopo…that was an ignorant comment, since you know so much! Who said they were welfare babies! I didn’t read it in the article! What a moron!

  2. Ernie says:

    “We identified 18 of the kids almost immediately,” said Montgomery County police officer Luther Reynolds.

    Must be a great bunch of kids. lol.

    POPOPO . . . I wouldn’t count on them a ll being welfare babies. I’d be willing to bet that a bunch of them were spoiled brats who though it would be cool and fun.

  3. Larry26 says:

    Not only the charges listed, but they should be identified working around Maryland’s law that juveniles can’t be identified. In this case, they need to be identified and the parents also. Give them punishment more than community service. That doesn’t do anything for them and they will be right back doing it again, or something else.

  4. FED UP says:

    Nothing in the article mentions the store clerk. Has anyone thought about the fear and anguish these animals caused. The poor clerk is just trying to make a living during these hard times. These “teens” could care less about anyone but themselves. Since they feel “entitled” anything they do is okay. They should be forced to repay the owner, do community service and their parents should be fined and these fines given to the clerk.

  5. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    If you all are serious about stopping this then I would suggest : 1-the government mandate the birth control Norplant to stop these queens from having babies. 2-The government needs to stop using our tax monies to foster section 8 vouchers to these things to live in decent neighborhoods that the ruin overnight & displace many good harworking citizens. Otherwise we are left to just shoot them or lock them up when they become teens.

  6. 1030 WITHERSPOON RD says:


  7. concern citizen says:

    Why should the parents be fined? Give this kids some real jail time .

    1. YOU ASKED says:

      real jail time is cable tv and body building

    2. yousefthe giant says:

      The parents should be sterilized for being delinquent in their duties of raising the children. Bbay machines & welfare checks for these spooks is all they know. Throw Grandma in the slamer for passing this down generation to generation.

  8. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    When you live in a society that has no legal backbone, doesn’t want to offend any race or creed. Is liberal to a fault, this is what is spawned by the small but growing populace that does nothing & doesn’t want to do anything except make babies so the state can raise them. Until we make changes, we are prisoners of these so called minority growing into a majority sub-humans.

  9. Just a little bit says:

    yousef… I know that with such a superior intellect, such things must fly right under your radar, but please allow me to humbly offer these little pieces of information: 1) foul language comes through the system and is automatically flagged and will not be posted. 2) once your comments have been flagged repeatedly, the website recognizes your ip address and will not accept your comments (unless you erase your cookies over and over). 3) if your fellow commenters find your brilliant comments to be less than tasteful, they report them and they are automatically removed after a certain number of reports. So you see, the people removing your comments are your fellow commenters…you’re not being oppressed.

    Good luck to you, and happy hating!

  10. Again? says:

    Sheriff Willie/Yousef/Bernard…etc… has now posted at least 5 of the 12 comments (prior to this) under different monikers,,,sometimes agreeing with himself.. man, what a useless piece if skin.

  11. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    Again & just a little, SMD……I am keenly aware of the IP thing. Now go run & play in the traffic while sucking on a lemon.

    1. Just altitude bit, again says:

      aw that’s cute, silly pants…you’re just so scary and ferocious. *tee-hee*.

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