O’Malley: $60M In Deals Signed On India Trip

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — The governor’s trip to India brought back some big souvenirs: millions of dollars in business deals for Maryland firms.

Alex DeMetrick reports it’s a foreign market that has been rapidly growing and shows no signs of slowing down.

A couple dozen of the 100 Maryland businesses, educators and government agencies that took a trip to India with Governor Martin O’Malley tallied up the take of a trade mission.

“We signed nearly $60 million in business deals for our state and there are several additional deals worth millions that we are still working on,” O’Malley said.

What India is buying from Maryland extends from road construction technology to biomedical services to curriculum for a massive expansion in higher education.

“India hopes to educate about 500 million young people in the next 15 to 20 years. That will be the biggest experiment in access to higher education at that level,” said Montgomery College Vice Chancellor Sanjay Rai.

But a slideshow highlighting one trade agreement after another only showcased the most recent deals.

“And from 2005 until now, our exports increased by 70 percent to India,” said Maryland Economic Development Secretary Christian Johanson.

Meaning more getaways from Annapolis are likely.

According to the State Department, Maryland’s trade delegation did more to drum up business in India than most other states.

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  • Steve Wilson

    Notice that Governor Martin O’Malley brought back money deals for Maryland, unlike Republican that keep supporting deals that send jobs oversea.

  • Liz

    Why are we drumming up business with international countries
    why not drum up business right here in the USA?

    This is the entire problem with this country, we are now
    dependent on international economy for our revenues

    Total wrong approach, we need to put the jobs and sales
    back in USA and put our people back to work, not India’s people

    Sad very sad. It’s also sad Maryland gives money and education
    to illegal aliens

    Time for a new governor in my opinion


    His voter base neither have or want a job

  • robertryan

    I pray that they all get the curry s…..t’s.

  • concern citizen

    Liz the more we sale our product over sea the more money we make.

  • Steve Wilson

    It’s obvious that several of the above posters are misinformed Republicans. They did not read the story or my previous posting. O’Malley BROUGHT money and jobs to the area! NOT like the base support of the GOP who SEND jobs overseas and are the MAIN reason illegal aliens are in this country! Businesses and the wealthy want cheap labor to line their own pockets and the GOP is 100% behind them. Start raiding everyone from the mega-companies to the landscapers. Fine them $10,000 for every illegal found. Unprofitable for them and profitable for the country. A win-win situation.

  • Unrealist

    60 mil in business US dollars or Zambukas? Which would equal 5 US $$.

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