This may not a popular opinion on James Harrison, but I don’t think he should be suspended.

The hit he put on Colt McCoy wasn’t a clean hit, but I don’t think you take the man out of the playoff race for a game. It wasn’t a malicious hit or a cheap shot, but it was illegal. He should be be fined and it should have gotten a penalty flag. I don’t think he should be suspended for doing his job. He made a tackle. Sure, it was too high and I do believe Harrison is a dirty player, but for me the question is “Does he deserve to be suspended?”

I think its great for the Ravens that he is going to miss the 49ers game. I just really question the league for suspending him for play on the field. It’s my opinion, even though it wont be a popular one.

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  1. daerco says:

    come on Jeremy how many times has this cat been fined for cheat hits? the dude lead with his head and came in high. he gave colt a concussion. and it’s like he’s actively trying to injure other players. fines aren’t working! so you take more extreme forms of punishment. if anything the time of the suspension is too light. it should of been a minimum of two games. his team has not doing a good enough job of correcting his behavior so they should be punished as well..

  2. Jeff says:

    Jeremy, I would agree with you if this was the first, second or maybe even the 3rd time, but it’s not. Obviously the fines aren’t getting the point across, so you have to go to the next step which is missing a game. It’s not the fact that he hit a QB, its the fact that he continues to hit players in the head. And not only is he hitting high, if you look at a lot of his past hits that drew fines, he is pushing off and propelling himself upward like a cannonball right to the head. He has an option to continue going for the mid region, but instead he pushes off at the last minute and goes up. Other players have stopped doing it, so he has no excuse. People can say that it’s just a steeler hate thing, but it’s not. He’s the only player that does it on a regular basis. You can’t fault the league for making sure these guys reach the age of 55 withou drooling on themselves because their brain is mush.

  3. Charles says:

    I guess that’s why you’re not making those decisions Jeremy, Harrison is out to hurt people, plan and simple, I remember when the Ravens had problem key players that cost them games in the past, the problem with Harrison is that he is definant, unremorsful, disrespectful, and unprofessional, attitude remains the definitive downfall for many sucessful players in all walks of life, and what’s clear, is his team is not following him as long as he head downward, I think he’ll be traded sooner or later so pittsburg can continue their rebuilding and at the same time get rid of a problem player. Atleast his head coach made it clear today, if he continues this type of behavior he will not get an opportunity to play.

  4. J-Co says:

    texted this in yesterday:
    hows about if a player leads with their helmet and knocks another player out via helmet-to-helmet, then the offending player must come out of the game as well until the concussed player is eligible to come back in. i can assure you that players will be thinking twice about leading with their helmets going forward.

  5. Brad says:

    Its funny how no one called Ray Lewis’s hit on Ward dirty a few months ago, when HE clearly led with his helmet too.. Baltimore is such a terrible sports town eveyrone who roots for a Baltimore team is the biggest homer, and has ZERO ability to look at sports objectively.(PS this is coming from someone who hates the Steelers and Ravens equally) I agree with Conn, Harrison should have been fined, not suspended. Its easy to say he meant to do it when you are sitting on your couch 10 beers deep, but I dont think it was intention as much as it was momentum.

    1. Gary Hemmeter says:

      Brad, u r a d”ck.

  6. d glen burnie says:

    Brad you’re and idiot first off I don’t drinkwatching games 2nd we saw it many times on replays and he actually planted his feet and lunged at the quarteback high . even colt knew it was coming because replays show him closing his eyes right before the hit. and like the guy above said this happens all the time with him . look at his track record. but you are right with ray lewis ,but he did get his big fine for it. he deserved more then 1 game maybe that lost of game checks will make him change his ways he could have hit him low if he wanted

  7. Charles says:

    he had it coming

  8. Charles says:

    Brad, you’re simply out of touch, you’re a steerler fan, faking because you know you’re wrong

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