DUNDALK, Md. (WJZ )– If you love train gardens, this is your time of year. Baltimore has a lot of them, and it’s a great place to take the kids.

Ron Matz was in Dundalk for a look at one of the biggest on the East Coast.

It’s a spectacular display. The Train Garden at the Wise Avenue Volunteer Fire Company includes nine trains and six levels. New this year, a tribute to mark the tenth anniversary of 9/11 and much more.

“Since this is the tenth year since 9/11 we have a big suspension bridge commemorating the firefighters and police officers lost on 9/11 in New York.  We even have patches of each police officer and firefighter who passed away on the bridge.  That’s really big for us,” said Wayne Nickel of the Wise Avenue Volunteer Fire Company. “We have the Orioles playing the Yankees, the Ravens beating up on the Steelers, the Washington Monument in Mount Vernon is new this year.  A local gentleman made it for us.  It’s made of clay. It’s a fantastic display.”

Bill Price is one of the volunteers who helps set up this mammoth display. It takes six weeks to make it happen.

“It takes a lot of work and a lot of devotion,” Price said. “The greatest reward is to see a child come in here and their face light up like a Christmas tree. That is our reward.”

You’ll see crab houses, a scene from Back River, the Colts’ No. 19 (Johnny Unitas) and trains galore.

“I take care of the track wiring. We have about 1,700 feet of wiring just for the tracks alone. I also do some of the wiring for some of the animation.  Thousands of feet of electrical wiring for the animation and the lights. It’s a lot,” volunteer Bill Eichner said.

The Wise Avenue Train Garden is free but they ask adults for donations so this Dundalk holiday tradition can continue.

“The people in this area have always been really good about donating to us and that’s why we plan on keeping this here for a long time,” said Nickel. “Attendance is up this year. Since we opened on Nov. 26, we’ve had 10,000 so far and we expect to go over 30,000 this year.”

“It’s tremendous.  We work right up until the last minute before we open.  Typically the last night before we open is an all-nighter.  It’s great fun, especially seeing the trains running,” said Eichner.

The Wise Avenue Train Garden is open though Jan. 8. For more information, click here.

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  1. Dundalk Train Garden says:

    The Wise Avenue Train Garden isn’t the only train layout that can be seen in Dundalk. Also worth visiting is the display at the local Historical Society Museum at 4 Center Place iin the Dundalk Village Shopping Center.. Although it’s smaller than Wise Avenue, Dundalk’s other garden generally appeals to families with younger children, and the adults also enjoy it.

  2. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    There is absolutely noting WISE about anything or place in Dumbdalk.

    1. Dinger says:

      Try visiting Dundalk before you diss it, and try pulling your head out of your butt.

      1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

        Dinger, I visited Dumdalk years ago when it was supposedly white & good. A matter of perception man, that s….t hole has needed a complete makeover in speaking the Kings English. The poorest speaking simple minded people on the planet. They mean well but execution their ideas is a challenge.

      2. Wiseguy says:

        ……….what did you expect “Bernie Boy”…..when all the trash from Parkville and baltimore city is transposed to Dundalk via section 8.

      3. Judy says:

        Bernard, “execution their ideas”? Do you mean “executing”? Are you sure you aren’t a self-depreciating native Dundalkian?

    2. Wiseguy says:

      “noting”….what it that?

      I guess that’s what you call the King’s English? It’s a shame you can’t type as well as you babble on with your senseless tripe.

      1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

        Wise guy, I have a few mispellings so what, the content of the message is clear. I on the other hand at least leave my name out there for the world to see while your candy a… hides behind the P.C. with a fake moniker. We do have freedom of speech but that require a person disclosure of their full name….You’re a chump, now go look that up in your dictionary.

      2. Wiseguy says:

        Chump….In Websters dictionary-Bernard Mc Kernan

      3. Wiseguy says:

        and we have the right to privacy….not like all you a-wipes that feel the need to post everything and anything about your useless life on the web.
        Look at me..Look at me.
        What a waste you are..get a job and life….or go back to your occupy camp.

  3. Wiseguy says:

    “They mean well but execution their ideas is a challenge.”

    Hey Bernie Boy…..is that what they call the King’s English in Parkville.

    Get a life….and a dictionary!

    1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

      Why the sudden interest in me & what I have to say?

      1. Wiseguy says:

        Idiots amuse me

    2. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

      Who R U?

    3. queen says:

      Eat s….t & die.

  4. Nancy Fewell says:

    What’s with all the cursing and mud slinging? This site is promoting a fun family joyous activity which I fully intend to see. We should thank our firefighters for all their hard work. God bless you all, dear firefighters!

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