ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — The Republican leader in Maryland’s House of Delegates says he will challenge Democratic Rep. Steny Hoyer in the state’s 5th Congressional District.

Delegate Anthony O’Donnell, 50, announced his candidacy on Wednesday.

O’Donnell says politicians in Washington have lost touch by spending too much money without thinking of the consequences to citizens. In a video announcement kicking off his candidacy, O’Donnell says it’s time for the government to make sacrifices and reduce spending.

O’Donnell has represented parts of Calvert and St. Mary’s counties in the House of Delegates since 1995.

He has been the minority leader since 2007.

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Comments (5)
  1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    Hoyer is a career politican prick.

  2. MD VOTER says:

    I hope Mr. O’Donnell can defeat Hoyer. Hoyer is a cheerleader for Obama and voted for the Obamacare bill. It is time for change in Maryland, but this state is full of liberal democrats who will keep him in office. The likes of Hoyer has brought this once great nation to our knees. If the democrats keep spending we have no chance as a nation, thus a Third World country. O’Donnell winning the seat, not a chance. Not liberals let’s hear from you on how great a job our President and democrats have done.

  3. Liberal Soldier says:

    O’Donnell sounds like another TeaBagger extremist. This we don’t need.

  4. james thomas says:

    TEABAGGERS: smaller government and less spending. What is wrong with that? What we need is tax reform, term limits, no more cradle to grave entitlements, no illegals taking our jobs, no lobbyiest, no ACLU, no Casa de Maryland, no sanctuary states. What we need is the 47% that pays no taxes start paying, follow the constitution, enforce the laws, What we really need is leadership not a narrow minded,ideological and ineffective President with no experience. So Liberal Soldier, in my opinion, the teabaggers are great for this decling country.

    1. Liberal Soldier says:

      What is your definition of smaller? To small to keep an eye on polluters and cheaters? To small to regulate clean air and water? To small to have a military? Listen we can debate the size of government but greed and corruptions is a real problem with the big and powerful corporations. Without a strong government these corporations will wreck our country and our childrens future. Less spending? Where is the spending? Tax breaks for the rich, a broken trade policy, two wars started by a buffon named Bush, a perscription drug bill that cost us over a trillion dollars. Hell after 8 years of Bush and $8 Trillion dollar deficit you are worry about entitlements? Where were you from 2000 to 2008???? I agree with you on term limits, no lobbiest and illegals must go. We need an ACLU because there are still racist and bigots in America. We have a good President. Better than the narrow minded, war mongering, profiteering, spending Republican named Bush. And everyone pays some form of taxes. If you buy a stick of gum you pay taxes on it. You fillup your tank and you pay taxes. So leave that alone. I have no problem with the Teabaggers. Nor do I have a problem with OWS protesters.

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