Am I the only one who thinks it’s a bit much when the Baltimore Ravens protect the injuries of their players more so than the Government protects the President?

I mean I do get it; any info that can help the other team can hurt the Ravens. Yes, that make sense to me and yes the team is trying to keep stuff in house but there is also another side to the sport. If you haven’t noticed the reason the NFL is so popular is because of the sports and the way it’s covered… i.e. TV, radio, internet, newspapers etc. The machine that is the NFL consists of many parts and the media is a large part. I guess what I’m saying is why not work together with the media instead of working against it? This Lardarius Webb toe injury is point and case. Webb is in a boot as I type this and we are being told he’s fine and will play Sunday. Maybe he plays; maybe he doesn’t but when the news broke Monday and Harbaugh was asked about injuries he said the people who played last Sunday will play next Sunday.

Why so defensive with the media? Why so secret? Why so standoffish? Are the Ravens the only entity in Baltimore who makes their living in the world of football that can do their job? Are reporters not allowed to break news? Can’t the media do their job too? Can’t we all work together?

We all know the reason the NFL coaches and players make the money they do is TV revenue, so why the divided line in Baltimore between Harbaugh and the media? I don’t have the answer but I sure have questions….

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