Suit Alleges Baltimore Fire Department Racial Bias

BALTIMORE (AP) — A deputy Baltimore fire chief has sued the department, saying he’s been passed over for promotions because of racial discrimination.

Lloyd Carter, who heads the department’s recruitment efforts, is seeking $3 million in damages.

The suit alleges that Carter, who is black, has missed out on promotions and has been investigated internally because of his race.

City officials said they could not comment on the suit because they had not seen it as of mid-day Friday.

Carter previously oversaw the city’s fire academy. He was given a new position last summer after an academy instructor passed test questions along to students.

Department management said at the time that the transfer wasn’t made because of the scandal but that other problems with the academy had become apparent during an investigation.

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  • Former F.D.

    Nothing but the race card. He has been promoted several times during his career. Maybe, just maybe he is not as great as he thinks he is.

  • chalkie

    So he hasn’t been promoted, maybe instead of race it has to do with how much damage he did to the city with its fire academy. How many cheating investigations has there been over the last year alone. But I am a idiot and scream its all about race. They should have fire this man, because everything that happen on his watch!!! He is lucky to have a job.

    • chalkie

      Wasn’t he the chief on duty when that fire trainee got killed in the house burning? Just shows another reason why this man doesn’t deserve to be chief of the fire department.

  • Liberal Soldier

    Glad it was brought to light because it tarnishes the majority of good, honest fire fighters.

  • firefighter

    Here we go again! he riding the race allegations bandwagon toward the Baltimore city FD

    • Jason Jones

      Oh boo hoo.

      I’ll be they’re full of sexism too.

      Maybe they’re agist also and only hire people of a certain religion….

      Nope, answer is D, none of the above. If you can’t DO the job you don’t GET the job.

      • Liberal Soldier

        Most of the time it cost to be a racist or bigot. These firehouses will pay through lawsuits. You get what you ask for.

    • Liberal Soldier

      Some firehouses are riddled with racism.

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