SAN DIEGO (AP) — The Baltimore Ravens got the kind of treatment they usually dish out.

Joe Flacco was sacked five times and threw two interceptions, and the Ravens’ normally ferocious defense was anything but as playoff-bound Baltimore was roughed up 34-14 on Sunday night by the desperate San Diego Chargers.

“Anytime you lose a game, you’re not happy about it,” Flacco said. “I think you’re more disappointed really when you do shoot yourself in the foot and you feel like you could have done something about it. It was just bad.”

Philip Rivers threw for one score and reached the 4,000-yard mark for the fourth straight season, and Ryan Mathews ran for two scores and hit 1,000 yards rushing.

The Chargers (7-7) won their third straight following a six-game losing streak and are tied with Oakland for second in the AFC West, a game behind Denver with two to play. Denver and Oakland both lost on Sunday. The Chargers finish with road games against Detroit and the Raiders.

The Ravens (10-4) had their four-game winning streak snapped, but clinched a playoff berth earlier in the day thanks to losses by the New York Jets, Oakland and Tennessee.

“It was an ugly one,” Flacco said. “Things weren’t going our way. They were playing well and we weren’t. You’ve got to move on.”

Even though Ray Lewis was back with the Ravens after a four-game injury layoff, the Ravens only had two punishing hits on Rivers. Rivers was dominating, completing 17 of 23 passes for 270 yards to lead the Chargers to scores on six of their first seven possessions. He didn’t throw an interception and the only sack the Ravens got was wiped out on a personal foul against Terrell Suggs.

Rivers joined Peyton Manning (1999-04 and 2006-10) and former teammate Drew Brees (2006-11) as the only QBs in NFL history with at least four-straight 4,000-yard seasons.

Flacco got the treatment many thought Rivers would. Flacco was sacked five times — three by former Ravens linebacker Antwan Barnes — and intercepted twice. Overall, the Chargers had seven sacks and Barnes finished with four.

Mathews scored on runs of 1 and 3 yards.

Rivers surpassed 4,000 yards on a 21-yard completion to Malcom Floyd that set up Mathews’ 3-yard TD run late in the third quarter.

The drive was set up when Takeo Spikes intercepted Flacco and returned it 45 yards to the Baltimore 27. The Chargers were flagged 15 yards for excessive celebration.

Nick Novak, who earlier kicked a 45-yard field goal for the Chargers, had a 37-yard attempt bounce off the right upright late in the third quarter.

San Diego took the second-half kickoff and moved 80 yards, with Rivers throwing a perfect 28-yard TD pass to Floyd for a 24-7 lead.

“When you give a team momentum when they’re home, that’s how they drive,” Lewis said. “That’s why we’re so dominant at home. And San Diego is the same way. When you give the home team momentum, this is what happens.”

Mathews scored on a 1-yard run and Novak kicked a 45-yard field goal to help the Chargers take a 17-7 halftime lead.

Novak became the first Chargers kicker with 11 field goals of 40 yards or longer in a season when he booted his 45-yarder for a 10-7 lead. Rivers was sacked on the drive by Cory Redding for an 8-yard loss, but Suggs was whistled for a personal foul for head-slapping tight end Randy McMichael.

Instead of a third-and-17 on their 27, the Chargers had a first down on the 50 after the 15-yard penalty.

After forcing a Ravens punt, the Chargers moved 80 yards in seven plays. Rivers pitched to Mathews for a 1-yard TD run and a 17-7 lead. The key play was Vincent Jackson’s 58-yard reception, which put him over 1,000 yards for the season.

San Diego’s Mike Tolbert scored on a 2-yard run on San Diego’s opening drive and Flacco’s 15-yard touchdown pass to Ed Dickson tied it early in the second quarter.

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Comments (22)
  1. R.j. Singleton says:

    Tonights loss = Pitsburg win division= playoffs on the road = no 1st round bye = another wasted year! Thanks for the inconsistent play on the road. Thanks to Cam for thinking he could go back to inconsistent offense again. THANKS FOR NOTHING RAVENS!!!!

    1. Jeff says:

      If Pitt loses tonight at SF then we’re right back in the drivers seat for the division and the #2 seed which comes with a Bye.

  2. MD DAD says:

    Strange. 3 away games. Games that were played away and at night in front of a national audience. When these away games are played against the highest seeded teams, the Ravens win. However when they play these mediocre teams, they look very disoragnized and bumbling, with the Ravens then losing.
    Maybe Harbaugh should start scouting out what players are boozing it up the night before when they play evening games out of town.
    They played like the majority of them (Ravens) are hungover.

    1. deliverance says:

      The Raven all need to take a urine test prior to away games. Bunch of drunks & druggie thugs. Ray Lewis???? He’s so old he should be collecting social security/.

  3. JDUBBS says:

    The Ravens are a talented bunch. They lack consistency however. Not sure what the root cause is, but they look dazed and confused one day and sharp the next. Even though we have a much more competent offense this year, we still seem to have a hard time scoring. They are not championship caliber right now sorry to say. Pittsburg will eat them up in the playoffs.

  4. Steelers Fan says:

    GO STEELERS,The Ravens go back to jail!!!

    1. Jeff says:

      Spoken like a true rapist.

  5. 6 Time says:

    Beating the Steelers during the regular season WAS your Superbowl…NeverMore…..

  6. J-Rock says:

    Why is Flacco still the primary QB??? He’s making the Defense “SICKLY”…

  7. tom the bomb says:

    the flatest performance i have seen in years. sorry but the steelers and new england are far better so i think we will see an early elimination in the playoffs for the ravens. we do not have a playoff quality quarterback to go with a very talented team. better start looking for one in the draft.

    1. kjw says:

      Well said. It’s time this town realizes that the quarterback we have is useless!. I think those in the Castle know this already. Forget about Steelers and New England. We won’t get that far to play them. We will be Tebowed in the first round. He will show our quarterback a thing or two which is really a joke when you think about it!

  8. Steel City 6 says:

    The other Harbaugh will get beat tonight and the Steelers will have home field for the playoffs…….bring back Baltimore, the Steelers stepping stone to the Superbowl

  9. Ravens PSL Ownber says:

    I guess the money I spent for possible playoff games will just go to next years season tickets. Oh well just another year!

  10. ChargerFan says:

    The Ravens played well and showed why they are in the playoffs. The Chargers made too many mistakes this year but finally showcased their talent when they decided to play to win. This was their “A” game. They needed it to beat the Ravens. Everybody knew that.

    1. Jeff says:

      Finally someone on here that speaks with some reason. San Diego started out strong this year, then they got hit with the injury bug and lost 6 straight. They finally got healthy and got a chance to showcase their team at home in primetime. San Diego is a very talented team, don’ t let that record fool you. Put the Patriots or steelers in that game last night and they would lose too. San Diego was focused and came to play.

  11. Dead Birds says:

    Play offs? Play offs? The Ravens left their wings on San Diego…….Cincinnati would blow them out in the first round

  12. Md DAD says:

    I hope the Bengals do over take the Ravens in the playoffs. Why watch the Ravens consistantly help heist the Steeelers into the Superbowl.

  13. harold says:

    Ravens couldn’t beat their meat.

  14. MD DAD says:

    Well at least it seemed like they had a good time the nite before. Travelling to a warmer climate. Nice bars in the Sna Diego area. Bulging pockets of money to spend on all the pretty young college coeds trolling the evening lit neon downtown streets.
    And when the bars close thats okay. You move the partying back to the hotel where there usually is a fully stocked mini-bar located in the room.
    The game is set for later that nite. So no need to go to bed before the sun comes up.
    So everybody had a good time except for the fans back home.

  15. voice says:

    Ravens are a good team with Big Ben @ QB, they would be a super team. Flacco is like Moses, nice man but frustrated & just won’t lead us to the promised land.

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